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  Syracuse   - a city on the east coast of Sicily
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  + Syracusan , Syracusans
324/25 Sostratus and Heracleides are sent with a Syracusan army to Croton.
321/7 Agathocles returns to Syracuse after the expulsion of Sostratus.
321/15 Agathocles rescues a Syracusan force which is attacked by Sostratus
320/18 Acestorides expels Agathocles from Syracuse.
319/11 Acestorides leaves Syracuse, and Sostratus becomes leader of the city
316/8 Agathocles stages a coup and massacres his opponents at Syracuse.
316/9 nted sole general: the beginning of his reign as tyrant of Syracuse.
312/15 Carthaginian fleet makes a raid on the harbour of Syracuse.
312/18 Pasophilus defeats the Syracusan exiles under Deinocrates near Galeri
310/1 efeats Agathocles in a second battle, at the Olympium near Syracuse.
310/12 Agathocles sails out of Syracuse after arranging for the defence
310/25 Hamilcar makes an unsuccessful attack on Syracuse.
309/8 Hamilcar is defeated and killed at Syracuse.
307/2 Xenodocus is defeated by an army from Syracuse.
307/19 Agathocles defeats the Carthaginian fleet off Syracuse.
307/21 invites his opponents to a banquet at Syracuse, and has them killed.
306/3 families of soldiers from Syracuse who took part in the attack on
305/7 The birth of Hieron, the future king of Syracuse.
288/5 Agathocles embellishes Syracuse with new public buildings.
288/9 The death of Agathocles, king of Syracuse.
288/20 Mamertines agree to leave Syracuse, but afterwards seize the city
287/6 Hicetas establishes himself as tyrant of Syracuse.
280/18 Hicetas of Syracuse defeats Phintias of Acragas.
278/10 eplaces Hicetas as leader of Syracuse; but the Syracusans call on Sos
278/29 yrrhus arranges peace between Thoenon and his opponents at Syracuse.
276/4 Pyrrhus has Thoenon of Syracuse killed on suspicion of treason, and
275/13 Hieron is appointed to be general at Syracuse.
270/15a awarded by Delphi to Glaucon of Athens and Hierocles of Syracuse.
269/17 Hieron assumes the title of king of Syracuse.
264/8 The Carthaginians and Syracusans combine to besiege Messana.
264/13 gainst the Carthaginians and Syracusans: the start of the First Punic
264/14 Claudius defeats the Syracusans.
264/17 Claudius lays siege to Syracuse.
263/9 Hieron of Syracuse changes sides and becomes an ally of the Romans.
261/1 Syracusan and Gallic mercenaries plot to betray Agrigentum.
237/12 Hieron of Syracuse visits Rome.
222/23 Hieron of Syracuse sends supplies of corn to Rome.
220/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Zopyrus of Syracuse
216/5 embassy from Hieron of Syracuse, offering support to the Romans.
215/16 Polydorus writes a new set of laws for Syracuse.
215/20 The death of Hieron II, king of Syracuse.
214/16 Atrocities at Syracuse during the brief reign of Hieronymus.
214/21 Democracy is restored at Syracuse.
214/22 are put to death for allegedly planning to seize power at Syracuse.
214/28 Hippocrates and Epicydes come to power in a revolution at Syracuse.
213/6 Romans begin the siege of Syracuse by land and sea, but are forced
213/14 Marcellus surprises and defeats a Syracusan force near Acrillae.
212/18 outbreak of plague at Syracuse.
211/15 Marcellus captures Syracuse; the death of Archimedes.
148/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Orthon of Syracuse
125/19 neral comments on Moschus of Syracuse, the second of the bucolic poet
75/30 Cicero uncovers and restores Archimedes' tomb at Syracuse.
73/15 ily, and defeat Cleomenes of Syracuse, who has been put in command
44/96a Cicero arrives at Syracuse.

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