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  Sybaris   - a Greek city on the south coast of Italy, renowned for its luxury
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  + Sybarite , Sybarites , Sybaritic
Athen_6.273 But Smindyrides of Sybaris was a very different sort of
Athen_12.518 them, that a citizen of Sybaris once going into the count
Athen_12.523 luxury no less than the Sybarites; for it was a peculiar
Athen_* 12.526-528 * her, in the same way as as the Sybarites destroyed theirs.
Athen_12.541 ays that "Alcisthenes of Sybaris, out of luxury, had a gar
Athen_13.605 chus gave the offerings of the Sybarites - four golden com
Euseb]:Chron_199 and the winner was Philotas of Sybaris. 42nd [612 B.C.]
Phylarch_45 hen_12.521'b-e & Laws at Sybaris encourage luxury, while
Plut:Mor_835 city sent a colony to Sybaris, which was afterwards cal

  Sybaris 2   - a river in Italy, near the city of Sybaris
Athen_6.269 other river, called the Sybaris, & Rolls on large waves
Athen_9.393 that when he came to the river Sybaris he was cooped with

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