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  Sulla   (P. Cornelius Sulla) - Roman praetor, 212 B.C.
213/23 P.Cornelius Sulla is chosen to be Flamen Dialis.

  Sulla 5   (L. Cornelius Sulla Felix) - Roman dictator, 82-79 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Cornelius , Epaphroditus , Sylla
138/31 The birth of L.Sulla.
107/14 The dissolute lifestyle of L.Sulla, as a young man.
106/10 The quaestor L.Sulla arrives at Marius' camp with reinforcements from
106/15 Marius sends Sulla and A.Manlius on a mission to Bocchus.
105/1 Further negotiations between Sulla and Bocchus.
105/6 Bocchus seizes Jugurtha and hands him over to Sulla and the Romans.
104/11 Sulla captures Copillus, the leader of the Tectosages.
103/5 Sulla persuades the Marsi to stay allied to Rome.
102/5 Sulla joins Catulus and manages his supplies.
99/4 L.Sulla fails to be elected praetor.
98/11 L.Sulla is elected praetor at the second attempt.
97/8 L.Sulla, as praetor, receives a sarcastic rebuke from C.Caesar.
97/9 L.Sulla displays a lion hunt for the first time in games at Rome.
95/7 Sulla, the propraetor of Cilicia, installs Ariobarzanes as king of
94/7 Sulla meets Orobazus, a Parthian envoy, by the river Euphrates, and
92/6 rinus attempts to prosecutes Sulla for extortion, but fails to bring
91/30 cchus, king of Mauretania, and over Sulla's seal depicting Jugurtha.
89/6 Sulla captures and destroys Stabiae.
89/18 Sulla defeats the Samnites under Cluentius near Nola.
89/19 Sulla subdues the Hirpini.
89/20 Sulla invades Samnium and captures Bovianum.
89/36 Sulla returns to Rome to stand as a candidate for consul.
88/_ Consuls: L. Cornelius L.f. Sulla, Q. Pompeius Q.f. Rufus
88/6 Sulla marries Metella, daughter of L.Metellus.
88/9 The role of Marius, Sulla, and the other leaders of the opposing side
88/13 Sulla is appointed commander for the war against Mithridates.
88/20 Sulla leaves Rome to join the Roman army at Nola.
88/30 Sulla leads his army against his opponents at Rome.
88/31 Sulla defeats Marius and his supporters inside Rome, near the Esquili
88/36 Sulla and Pompeius introduce a series of reforms at Rome, giving more
88/49 Sulla stops Sertorius becoming tribune for the following year.
88/58 consuls, and are forced to swear not to upset Sulla's arrangements.
88/61 Sulla sends his army from Rome back to Capua.
87/1 Sulla leaves Italy to take charge of the war against Mithridates.
87/5 Sulla arrives in Greece and forces the Boeotians to abandon their sup
87/6 return to Macedonia, leaving Sulla to fight against Mithridates' army
87/7 The birth of Faustus and Fausta, twin children of Sulla and Metella.
87/17 Sulla besieges Archelaus at Athens.
87/26 CIL_712, an inscription in honour of Sulla on Delos.
87/27 Lucullus coins money for Sulla's army.
87/51 killed by Marius and Cinna; and Sulla is declared a public enemy.
87/55 Sulla retires to Eleusis for the winter.
87/57 Rumours about the return of Sulla bring a halt to the killing at Rome
87/62 sage from Jupiter, promising Sulla victory in the war against Mithrid
86/5 builds a villa near Misenum, which earns the admiration of Sulla.
86/12 Lucullus sets sail for Egypt, to try to collect warships for Sulla.
86/13 Sulla despoils the temples at Olympia, Epidaurus, and Delphi, and ste
86/15 The Athenians yell out insults against Sulla and his wife Metella.
86/20 Sulla captures Athens.
86/21 Sulla punishes the Athenians, but allows them to keep their freedom.
86/26 Sulla captures Peiraeus, but Archelaus escapes by sea.
86/28 Archelaus joins up with Taxiles' army and faces Sulla near Elateia.
86/29 Sulla defeats Archelaus and destroys his army at Chaeroneia.
86/30 Sulla punishes the Thebans by confiscating their territory.
86/40 the command of Dorylaus, but it is defeated by Sulla at Orchomenus.
86/41 Sulla storms the camp of his opponents and slaughters most of them;
86/46 Sulla takes his army to Thessaly for the winter.
86/47 Sulla and Archelaus start to negotiate about peace terms.
85/6 Sulla treats Archelaus with honour, and gives him a large estate
85/7 Sulla leads a punitive expedition against the Dardani and other Thrac
85/16 Sulla and Mithridates agree peace terms at Dardanus.
85/17 Opponents of Cinna sail from Italy to join Sulla.
85/24 Sulla writes a letter to the senate, threatening revenge against his
85/26 Sulla imposes a tribute on the cities of Asia.
85/37 the leading orator at Rome, during the absence of Sulla in the East.
84/1 citizens of Smyrna offer clothes to Sulla's army during the winter.
84/2 aeus Alexander escapes from Mithridates and takes refuge with Sulla.
84/3 Cinna and Carbo make preparations for the war against Sulla.
84/4 The senate votes to send an embassy to Sulla.
84/6 Sulla re-organises the province of Asia, and punishes the supporters
84/12 Sulla returns to Greece from Asia.
84/20 Sulla receives the senate's embassy and sets out his terms for a sett
84/23 Sulla visits hot springs ( ? Aedepsus ) in Euboea in an attempt to
84/24 Sulla sends a painting by Zeuxis and other treasures back to Rome,
84/25 Sulla takes Aristotle's books back to Rome, where they are later acqu
84/26 Sherk1_62b, a letter from Sulla confirming the privileges of the Dio
84/30 tor, deserts Carbo and goes over to Sulla with a large sum of money.
84/36 Lycians, in gratitude for having their freedom restored by Sulla
84/37 Lycians, in gratitude for having their freedom restored by Sulla.
83/1 Atticus meets Sulla at Athens, but refuses to follow him back to Ital
83/3 Sulla crosses over from Greece and arrives at Brundisium.
83/6 Metellus joins Sulla.
83/7 Sulla advances against his opponents, who make further preparations
83/10 Pompeius joins Sulla, who honours him with the title of "imperator".
83/11 Cethegus, Philippus and other senators join Sulla.
83/12 Sulla defeats Norbanus at Canusium.
83/13 Sulla makes a dedication of land and water to Diana on Mount Tifata.
83/22 deserted by his army, after entering into negotiations with Sulla.
83/23 Crassus collects new recruits for Sulla from amongst the Marsi.
83/27 Sulla advances against Norbanus at Capua, but Norbanus avoids him.
83/32 CIL_720, an inscription in honour of Sulla at Suessa.
82/2 Sulla arranges a treaty with the Italian allies.
82/4 Sulla sends Pompeius to join Metellus in northern Italy.
82/10 Sulla defeats Marius at Sacriportus, and forces him to take refuge
82/17 Sulla enters Rome, after handing over command at Praeneste to Q.Ofell
82/18 Further victories of Sulla, at the river Glanis, Saturnia, and Neapol
82/20 L.Philippus wins over Sardinia for Sulla.
82/22 indecisive battle between Sulla and Carbo at Clusium.
82/24 Sulla fortifies the approaches to Praeneste, and stops an attempt by
82/32 mnite army, but is defeated and killed by Sulla at the Colline Gate.
82/33 Sulla orders the massacre of at least 3,000 Samnite prisoners.
82/34 Sulla rewards inhabitants of Spain, Gaul and Sicily, including Aristo
82/35 on the high losses suffered by both sides during Sulla's civil war.
82/37 Sulla assumes the title Felix.
82/38 Sulla institutes circus games to celebrate his victory.
82/39 golden statue is put up of Sulla on horseback.
82/40 ccus passes a law to appoint Sulla dictator and give him autocratic
82/41 candidate for the consulship, but he is killed by order of Sulla.
82/42 Sulla persuades Pompeius to divorce Antistia and marry Aemilia.
81/1 Sulla punishes the inhabitants of Praeneste.
81/2 The triumph of Sulla, over Mithridates, including a parade of the boo
81/3 Sulla publishes proscriptions listing his enemies, who are hunted dow
81/7 Sulla punishes the Italian towns which supported his opponents, inclu
81/8 Sulla founds colonies of his veterans at Aleria, Arretium, Capua, Fae
81/12 M.Piso divorces his wife Annia in order to win favour with Sulla.
81/13 hiding after antagonising Sulla, and avoids capture by bribing Cor
81/14 Crassus and other friends of Sulla enrich themselves by buying up the
81/16 Sulla passes a law imposing sanctions on the children of proscribed
81/17 not to mutiny after they are ordered by Sulla to return to Italy.
81/21 OGIS_441, a decree of Sulla and the Roman senate, renewing a grant
81/27 Sulla sends Gabinius to recall Murena from Asia.
81/29 Sulla digs up the body of Marius and destroys his monuments.
81/30 Sulla formally ends the proscriptions.
81/31 Sulla grants Roman citizenship to the slaves who supported him: they
81/33 Sulla reluctantly agrees to pardon Caesar.
81/35 Cato is restrained from making threats against Sulla.
81/45 rsuades the decurions of Ameria not to seek an interview with Sulla.
81/48 The death of the young son of Sulla and Metella.
81/50 Sulla extends the "pomerium", the city boundary of Rome.
81/51 Sulla enlarges the "curia", the senate-house.
81/52 Sulla curtails the power of the tribunes of the plebs.
81/53 Sulla increases the number of praetors to ten, and the number of quae
81/54 Sulla passes a Lex Annalis, setting a fixed sequence of magistracies.
81/55 Sulla passes the Lex Cornelia de Provinciis, regulating the conduct
81/56 Sulla increases the number of priests and augurs.
81/57 Sulla restores the size of the senate, by creating new senators.
81/58 Sulla passes a Lex Judicaria, to transfer membership of juries from
81/59 Sulla passes a law about the falsification of wills.
81/60 Sulla passes a series of laws, setting up courts to try cases of murd
81/61 Sulla passes a sumptuary law, limiting private expenditure on feasts.
81/62 Sulla passes an agrarian law, confirming the distribution of land to
81/63 efuses to justify his conduct as quaestor, when challenged by Sulla.
81/66 CIL_722, a dedication by the freedmen (Cornelii) to Sulla.
81/68 Sherk1_62a, a letter from Sulla authorising Alexander of Laodiceia,
81/69 Rutilius is invited back by Sulla, but refuses to return from exile.
80/_ Consuls: L. Cornelius L.f. Sulla Felix (II), Q. Caecilius Q.f. Metell
80/1 Sulla's law about Pompeius' return is blocked by C.Herennius.
80/6 Sulla sends Ptolemy XI Alexander to be king of Egypt.
80/11 Sulla marries Valeria, daughter of Messalla.
80/13 cancelled, because the athletes have been summoned to Rome by Sulla.
80/20 Sulla decides not to stand for election as consul for the following
80/23 The harmonious consulship of Sulla and Metellus.
80/25 Sulla starts the restoration of the Capitol.
80/27 firms grants of land made by Sulla to the sanctuary of Amphiaraus at
80/29 Sulla has a mosaic floor installed in the temple of Fortuna at Praene
80/30 Sulla releases some allied states from taxation.
79/3 General comments on Sulla's absolute power and ruthlessness as dictat
79/4 Sulla abdicates from his position as dictator, and retires to priv
79/5 Sulla is allocated the province of Cisalpine Gaul.
79/13 M.Lepidus is elected consul, despite being an opponent of Sulla.
79/15 The sudden death of L.Tuccius, Sulla's doctor.
78/2 Lepidus criticises Sulla's rule in a speech to the people.
78/3 Sulla has a dream in which his death is predicted by his son.
78/4 Sulla settles a dispute at Dicaearchia.
78/4a IL_1.2646, a dedication by Sulla in the name of his sister Corneli
78/5 Stratagems employed by Sulla.
78/6 Sulla shows great trust in L.Lucullus, to whom he dedicates his memoi
78/7 ral comments on the despotic and pleasure-loving character of Sulla.
78/8 The death of Sulla, from the disease called phtheiriasis.
78/9 The funeral of Sulla, whose body is burnt on a pyre.
78/15 Lepidus proposes measures to undo the effect of Sulla's laws.
78/22 The birth of Postuma, a posthumous daughter of Sulla.
75/45 senate to reimpose taxes on states which had been exempted by Sulla.
73/29 Roman people to recover their rights which were taken away by Sulla.
72/57 reclaim the money which Sulla remitted to purchasers of property
72/62 boy, punches Faustus to stop him boasting about his father Sulla.
70/27 the first censors since Sulla's reforms, and Pompeius, though
70/38 Epicadius is a freedman of Sulla, and a favourite of his son Faustu
64/11 and convicted of murders committed during the dictatorship of Sulla.
64/36 Cato, as quaestor, forces Sulla's henchmen to give back the rewards
60/20 presents a lavish gladiatorial show in memory of his father Sulla.
46/34 Some jokes about Faustus, the son of Sulla.
44/32 sayings of Caesar, including a comment on the dictatorship of Sulla.
Plutarch- PLUTARCH, Sulla

  Sulla 7   (Faustus Cornelius Sulla) - son of the dictator
Wikipedia entry
  + Faustus
87/7 The birth of Faustus and Fausta, twin children of Sulla and Metella.
72/62 ius, as a young boy, punches Faustus to stop him boasting about his
70/38 picadius is a freedman of Sulla, and a favourite of his son Faustus.
60/20 Faustus presents a lavish gladiatorial show in memory of his father
46/34 Some jokes about Faustus, the son of Sulla.
46/35 Faustus, L.Caesar and other leading opponents of Caesar are captured
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_14.69   in apace; and Cornelius Faustus, the son of Sylla, with
Joseph:AJ_14.73   stowed proper rewards on Faustus, and those others that
Joseph:BJ_1.149   get over the wall, was Faustus Cornelius the son of Sull
Joseph:BJ_1.154   ecollatlon; but rewarded Faustus, and those with him that
Oros_6.16   of Pompey together with Faustus Sulla, Afranius, and his
Plut:Mor_205   voured not." & When Faustus the son of Sulla, being
ValMax_3.1.3   [1.3]   Sulla's son Faustus had a good cuff on

  Sulla 9   (P. Cornelius Sulla) - convicted of bribery in the consular elections of 66 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
66/25 Sulla and Paetus, the consuls elected for the following year, are con
64/20 Sittius, an associate of P.Sulla and Catilina, goes out to Spain.
62/19 Cic:Sull_, Cicero's speech in defence of P.Sulla.
Cicero,- CICERO, Oratio pro P.Sulla
    Within translations:
Cic:Fam_15.17 the death of P. Sulla senior; some say it was brigands,
Cic:Fam_15.19 virtues. And so Sulla, whose judgment we ought to accep
Schol:Bob_78 ght have appeared that P.Sulla withdrew from everyone's
Schol:Bob_79 after the conviction of Sulla and Autronius, the consuls

  Sulla 11   (P. Cornelius Sulla) - son of the consular candidate
Cic:Fam_15.19 once he has cast his eye on Sulla junior. And now to

  Sulla 12   (L. Cornelius Sulla) - Roman consul, 5 B.C.
ExcBarb_50B arch. Felecius and Sulla Lentulus and Auxonius Caesarius

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