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  Stesichorus   of Himera - Greeek lyric poet, early 6th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
AnthPal_9.184 of Anacreon, and you, Stesichorus, who in your works
AnthPal_9.571 sweet-strained voice, Stesichorus and Ibycus shine, Alc
AntipThes_7.75 { G-P 74 } & On Stesichorus Stesichorus, the vast immea
Athen_3.81 * * * [21.] [81] Stesichorus also mentions the Cydonian
Athen_4.154 8182;το&, in Stesichorus; and the nouns ὁ
Athen_6.250 paean of Phrynichus or Stesichorus, and some of them too
Athen_13.601 Megalostrate. And Stesichorus, who was in no moderate deg
Athen_13.610 do out of the verses of Stesichorus, (for that could hard
Athen_14.620 maeleon, in his essay on Stesichorus, says that not only
Lucian:Macr_26 lived eighty-five years; Stesichorus, the lyric poet, the
Polyaen_05.46.1 anted sing the paeans of Stesichorus and Pindarus, and I

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