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  Sphettus   - a deme in Attica
  + Sphettian
Philoch_149   ydathenaeum, Cratinus of Sphettus and Eubulides of Eleusis
Plut:Demetr_13   osed by Dromocleides the Sphettian; according to which the
Plut:Phoc_5   ems that Polyeuctus, the Sphettian, had this view when he
Plut:Phoc_9   s." When Polyeuctus the Sphettian advised the Athenians
SEG_21.469   (129/8)   rdingly Timarchos of Sphettos, treasurer of the cou
SEG_28.60   (270/69)   people honours Kallias of Sphettos, the son of Thym
Syll_1089   (307/6) The agonothete was [Xenokles] of Sphettos, son of Xeinis.
Syll_334   (306/5)   the money that Xenokles of Sphettos had brought
Syll_342   (303/2)   embly; . . . of Sphettos, the son of Philotimos,
Syll_409   (c. 255/4)   praise Phaidros of Sphettos, son of Thyromachos,
Syll_542   (228/7-212/1)   4} archon: ] Ergochares of Sphettos * * * polema

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