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  Speusippus   - head of the Academy following the death of Plato in 347 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Athen_7.279   ] tells us. And Speusippus did not much differ from the
Athen_9.369   ilon;ς. And Speusippus, in the second book of his
Athen_11.506   this is Plato, of whom Speusippus said that he was very
Athen_12.546   for drunkenness. Speusippus also, the relation of Plato,
Athen_12.547   ful. For Plato and Speusippus had not established these
Cic:Acad_1.17   Plato left his sister's son Speusippus as 'heir' ** to his
Cic:Acad_1.34   On the other hand Speusippus and Xenocrates, the first
Cic:DeOr_3.67   systems of opinion; for Speusippus, Plato's sister's son, and
Cic:Tusc_5.30   ancient ones, Aristotle, Speusippus, Xenocrates, Polemon, who
Cic:Tusc_5.39   and also with Aristotle, Xenocrates, Speusippus, Polemon.
Cic:Tusc_5.87   to Aristotle, Xenocrates, Speusippus, Polemon; and will
FGrH_255.3   losopher Platon died and Speusippus succeeded him as head
Hieron:Chron_1701   The philosophers Menedemus and Speusippus were in their
Philoch_224   DEMUS, IND.ACAD. & Speusippus took over {the school} from
ValMax_4.1e.2   committed it to his friend Speusippus; deeming it unbecoming, if he

  Speusippus 3   - Athenian archon, (?) 150 B.C.
150/_ Athenian archon: (?) Speusippus

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