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  Spain   - a country in south-west Europe
Wikipedia entry
  + Hispanica , Iberia , Iberian , Iberians , Spains , Spaniard , Spaniards , Spanish
237/7 The Carthaginians appoint Hamilcar to be their general in Spain.
237/9 Hamilcar sails from Carthage to Spain.
231/14 Hamilcar justifies his conquests in Spain to a Roman embassy.
229/17 Hamilcar's campaigns in Spain.
229/19 who is succeeded as Carthaginian commander in Spain by Hasdrubal.
224/17 pts to prevent Hannibal from joining the Carthaginian army in Spain.
221/18 lls as a soldier and officer while serving under Hasdrubal in Spain.
221/19 ues a policy of expansion in Spain, and seeks political influence at
221/20 Hannibal is appointed to be the new Carthaginian commander in Spain.
218/11 The senate assigns Spain and Africa to the consuls.
218/13 Roman embassy meets a hostile response in Spain and Gaul.
218/26 Hannibal extracts silver from deep mines in Spain.
218/27 General comments on Hannibal's conquests in Spain.
218/35 Cn.Scipio reaches Spain with a Roman fleet.
217/18 P.Scipio arrives in Spain.
217/33 elux persuades Bostar to release the Spanish hostages from Saguntum.
213/13 with the Romans, and Hasdrubal is recalled from Spain to oppose him.
211/16 The Roman survivors in Spain, led by L.Marcius, defeat Hasdrubal son
210/11 mmander of the Roman army in Spain, although he is only 24 years old.
210/20 Scipio arrives in Spain, at Emporiae.
209/14 ibilis, Mandonius, and other Spanish leaders leave the Carthaginian
208/6 at Baecula; Scipio rebukes his Spanish allies for calling him king.
208/17 ree Carthaginian generals in Spain hold a conference, and decide that
207/1 eneral comments on Hasdrubal's struggle against the Romans in Spain.
207/2 Hasdrubal leaves Spain on his way to Italy.
206/13 utiny breaks out in the Roman army in Spain, after Scipio falls ill.
206/14 Scipio defeats the Spanish rebels Indibilis and Mandonius.
206/19 General remarks about Scipio's rapid conquest of Spain.
206/20 Mago leaves Spain for the Balearic Islands; the end of Carthaginian
200/13 L.Lentulus celebrates an ovation for his victories in Spain.
198/22 Blasio and Stertinus amass booty from their provinces in Spain.
197/15 The chieftains Culcha and Luxinius start a rebellion in Spain.
197/29 C.Tuditanus is defeated and killed in Spain.
195/5 Cato defeats the Spanish rebels near Emporiae.
195/9 Cato orders the walls of all the Spanish cities to be demolished.
194/13 Stratagems employed by Cato in Spain.
194/14 comments on the conquests, and frugal lifestyle, of Cato in Spain.
194/15 Cato returns from Spain, and celebrates a triumph.
193/10 Sex.Digitius is defeated by Spanish rebels in several battles, but
192/9 aminius and M.Fulvius fight successfully against the Spanish rebels.
191/24 M.Fulvius is granted an ovation for his victories in Spain.
189/4 Baebius is ambushed and killed by the Ligurians on his way to Spain.
186/6 C.Atinius and L.Manlius fight successfully against Spanish rebels.
185/8 ctius win a victory over the Spanish rebels, after suffering an initi
185/12 but is allowed to celebrate an ovation for his victories in Spain.
184/3 rnius and L.Quinctius celebrate triumphs for their victory in Spain.
180/15 Flaccus celebrates a triumph for his victories in Spain.
180/22 pays for games out of the booty which he brought back from Spain.
171/22 being found guilty of extortion while serving as praetors in Spain.
170/15 Olonicus leads a rebellion in Spain.
153/1 The consuls enter office early because of the fighting in Spain.
153/15 Nobilior spends the winter in camp in Spain.
151/5 P.Scipio volunteers to go to Spain.
151/10 Scipio slays a Spaniard in single combat during the siege of Intercat
149/15 Galba for his behaviour in Spain, and Cato joins in the accusation.
145/3 The consul Q.Fabius is given command of the Roman army in Spain.
145/29 brought to trial for his conduct in Spain, and goes into exile.
144/13 senate that neither consul is fit to be sent as commander to Spain.
142/5 Servilianus arrives in Spain with two new legions, and repels an init
139/6 The senate prevents Cn.Scipio from going to Spain.
137/3 Inauspicious omens as the consul Mancinus leaves for Spain.
136/3 rius takes his oppponents Metellus and Pompeius as legates to Spain.
136/7 M.Lepidus is fined for his conduct in Spain.
136/8 event Mancinus from entering the senate after his return from Spain.
133/33 Scipio settles the affairs of the Spanish cities.
132/5 to organize the new territories in Spain which they have conquered.
131/16 temples with his spoils from Spain, and inscribes verses of Accius
112/9 Piso campaigns against Spanish rebels.
111/3 Piso is killed while in Spain, and Ser.Galba takes over as Roman comm
104/9 The Cimbri invade Spain.
104/29 cr_22, recording the surrender of a Spanish community to L.Caesius.
103/8 The Cimbri return from Spain and rejoin the Teutones.
101/4 Roman embassy attempts to stifle rebellion in Spain.
96/5 The campaigns of T.Didius in Spain, with Q.Sertorius as military trib
95/12 P.Crassus is proconsul in Spain; he discovers the route to the Cassit
94/3 Scipio Nasica subdues some Spanish rebels.
89/42 Pompeius grants Roman citizenship to a squadron of Spanish horsemen.
85/28 Crassus hides in a cave in Spain, near the estate of Vibius Paciacus.
84/17 Crassus comes out of hiding in Spain and captures Malaca.
83/29 ore supporters in Etruria and then leaves for his province in Spain.
82/7 Sertorius arrives in Spain; counted by some as the start of the war
82/34 Sulla rewards inhabitants of Spain, Gaul and Sicily, including Aristo
81/32 C.Annius forces Sertorius to abandon Spain.
79/10 over as Roman commander in Spain, but his general L.Thorius Balbus
78/21 ul, attempts to intervene in Spain, but is defeated by Hirtuleius nea
77/5 Sertorius sets up a rival "senate" of his supporters in Spain.
77/6 rius wins the support of the Spanish leaders by his generosity, and
77/28 remainder of Lepidus' army to Spain, to fight alongside Sertorius.
76/5 Pompeius suppresses unrest in Gaul during his march to Spain.
76/6 Sertorius persuades his Spanish allies not to risk a pitched battle
76/7 Saguntum and other cities welcome Pompeius on his arrival in Spain.
75/2 Pompeius spends the winter amongst hostile Spanish tribes.
74/1 give more money and two new legions to the commanders in Spain.
74/21 Antonius attacks the pirates and their allies in Liguria and Spain.
73/14 The Romans win over many Spanish towns.
72/12 Stratagems employed by Sertorius during the war in Spain.
72/14 neral comments on the war in Spain: Sertorius was a great general,
72/19 erna establishes himself as leader of the remaining rebels in Spain.
72/42 Metellus imposes taxes on the Spanish towns.
72/50 The consuls confirm Pompeius' grants of Roman citizenship in Spain.
71/7 Pompeius leaves Spain, and sets up a trophy on the Pyrenees.
71/50 The triumph of Pompeius, for his victories in Spain.
69/26 The triumph of M.Piso, on his return from Spain.
64/20 Sittius, an associate of P.Sulla and Catilina, goes out to Spain.
62/38 P.Vatinius serves under C.Cosconius in Spain.
61/11 leaves for his province in Spain; Crassus protects him from his cre
55/6 nia assigns the provinces of Spain and Syria to the current consuls.
52/44 ius's command as governor of Spain is extended for a further five yea
52/74 Q.Cassius is wounded while serving as quaestor in Spain.
51/19 ing a visit to Ariminum), instead of going to his Spanish provinces.
49/33 ing arrangements for his absence, Caesar leaves Rome to go to Spain.
49/47 Caesar arrives in Spain, and confronts the army of Afranius in skirmi
49/57 the surrender of M.Varro, and settles affairs in the rest of Spain.
48/51 The native Spanish troops and the garrison of Corduba openly rebel
48/76 fter assuming command of the Spanish rebels, M.Marcellus confronts
47/16 Trebonius arrives as the new governor of Spain.
46/32 Cn.Pompeius crosses over to Spain, to rally his father's remaining
46/53 anded by Q.Pedius and Q.Fabius Maximus, to suppress unrest in Spain.
46/82 Caesar leaves Rome for Spain, to fight against the sons of Pompeius.
45/20 Sex.Pompeius escapes into the interior of Spain.
45/28 Octavianus joins Caesar in Spain.
45/29 Caesar establishes colonies at Emporiae and other places in Spain.
45/36 Caesar completes the settlement of affairs in Spain.
45/43a inas to pursue Sex.Pompeius, who is gathering rebel forces in Spain.
45/53 The triumph of Q.Fabius, from Spain.
45/57 The triumph of Caesar, for his victory in Spain.
45/63 The triumph of Q.Pedius, from Spain.
44/5 Lex_Ursonensis, the charter of the colony of Urso in Spain.
44/6 inius Pollio to command his forces against Sextus Pompeius in Spain.
43/123 The triumph of Lepidus, from Spain.
41/16 occhus, king of Mauretania, attacks Carrinas, the governor of Spain.
36/8 The triumph of Domitius Calvinus, from Spain.
34/13 The triumph of C.Norbanus, from Spain.
33/3 The triumph of L.Marcius Philippus, from Spain.
33/4 The triumph of Ap. Claudius Pulcher, from Spain.
Appian,- APPIAN, Hispanica

  Spain 2   Nearer Spain (Hispania Citerior) - a Roman province in eastern Spain
Wikipedia entry
  + Hispania
178/2 Gracchus establishes peace in eastern Spain.
175/15 The triumph of M.Titinius, from nearer Spain.
79/1 dius summons Domitius, governor of Nearer Spain, to come to his aid.
65/3 accomplice Piso is sent as quaestor to eastern Spain, where he dies.
59/3 out as governor of Nearer Spain, through the influence of Caesar.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.749   ssigned the province of Nearer Spain by decree of the
CIL_11.623   prefect of the coasts of Hispania Citerior for the wa
Exsuper_50   sent Sertorius to Nearer Spain, with orders to settle affa
FastTr_p102   ular [command] in Nearer Spain, [he was allowed] an ovatio
FastTr_p103   vus, pro[consul, & from Nearer Spain ... ] & [p104] [175/4
Nepos:Cat_2   being allotted the province of Hither from it won a triumph
NicDam_130.112   himself, was in Nearer Spain; he also held the part of
Oros_4.20   crushed in a battle in Hither He was killed and the
Oros_4.20.30   In a great battle in Hither the praetor Q. Fulvius Flaccus
Oros_5.5   escaped by flight. 13 In Nearer the proconsul Lepidus, against the
Oros_5.7   Celtiberi and was situated in Hither on a high point of
Oros_6.8   summoning assistance even from Hither They appointed as commanders
Oros_6.21   at Tarraco, a city of Hither beyond which they could not
Plin:HN_33.54   7000 pounds contributed by Hither Spain and one of 9000 from
Plin:HN_33.145   the Emperor's steward of Nearer Spain possessed a silver
Plin:HN_36.160   it was produced only in Hither and even then not in
Plin:HN_36.165   The Laminitanian hones from Hither are outstanding in this
Plinius:Ep_2.13   the leading families of Hither Spain. You know how sound
Sall:Hist_2.82   nsibility. Hither Spain, so far as it is not in the posse

  Spain 3   Further Spain (Hispania Ulterior) - Roman province in southern Spain, later renamed Baetica
Wikipedia entry
195/19 The triumph of Q.Minucius, from further Spain.
114/9 Marius as propraetor curbs banditry in Further Spain.
107/6 The triumph of Q.Caepio, from further Spain.
81/70 M.Fonteius is sent on a mission to further Spain.
74/28 winter quarters in Further Spain, where he offends some by his luxu
68/14 erves as quaestor in further Spain; his ambition is stirred by seeing
60/4 C.Caesar governs Further Spain, and fights against the Lusitani.
48/25 ius, the governor of Further Spain, survives an assassination attempt
    Within translations:
CIL_1.614   us, proconsul of Further Spain in 189 B.C., freeing a
FastTr_p102   s,] proconsul, & [from Further Spain ... ] [194/3] & M.
FastTr_p107   io, pro[consul, & from Further Spain], 5 k.Nov. (28th Octo
NicDam_130.112   ther army. Farther Spain was in charge of Gaius
Obseq_44a   the Lusitanians were defeated, Further was pacified. The Cimbri
Oros_1.2.70   74 Further has on the east the
Oros_4.20   fighting in battle. 23 In Further the proconsul L. Aemilius perished
Oros_4.20.30   thousand, 32 while in Further Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus forced
Oros_5.5   the meantime Brutus in Further crushed sixty thousand Gallaeci
Oros_6.15   let them go. 7 In Further however, he took over two
Plin:HN_7.96   Alps to the frontiers of Further Spain and with greater magnanimity
Plin:HN_35.171   of Maxilua and Callet in Further bricks are made which when
Sall:Hist_2.59   withdrew into Further Spain at the end of the year, wit

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