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  Sibylline   - books of prophecies, consulted by the Romans in times of crisis
Wikipedia entry
205/21 After consulting the Sibylline Books, the Romans send envoys to Attal
202/17 hat they can participate in rites prescribed by the Sibylline Books.
133/35 a religious embassy to Enna, after consulting the Sibylline books.
    Within translations:
CIL_add.8   (1st cent. A.D.)   was summoned by the Sibylline Books, moved her
Diod_34.10   the gods, consulted the Sibylline books, and sent ambassa
Diod_34.33   was found written in the Sibylline oracles that the Romans
Obseq_6   with the [recommendation of the] Sibylline books, when it had not
Obseq_13   that, in accordance with the Sibylline Books, the people sat down
Obseq_21   they had found in the Sibylline books that whenever war was
Obseq_35   offered in accordance with the Sibylline Books.
Obseq_40   man. In accordance with the Sibylline Books on the island of
Oros_3.22   that they should consult the Sibylline They even brought in the
Oros_4.5   let him consult the Sibylline Books as witnesses. These
Plin:HN_7.120   Venus in accordance with the Sibylline books; and on a second
ValMax_1.1.1   and being warned in the Sibylline Books to appease the ancient
ValMax_1.8.2   the priests consulted the Sibylline Books and observed, that
ValMax_8.15.12   decemvirs had inspected the Sibylline Books, decreed that a

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