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  Severus   (L. Septimius Severus Pertinax Augustus) - Roman emperor, 193-211 A.D.
Euseb]:Chron_193 hen Antoninus the son of Severus was emperor of the Romans
Euseb]:Chron_217 this time] Pertinax, and then Severus, became emperors
ExcBarb_48A Didius for ? years - cons. 4 Severus for 3 months - cons
Festus:Brev.14 cus and Verus, and under Severus, Pertinax, and other Roma
Festus:Brev.21 ver the Persians. Severus, by birth African, was a most
Julian:Caes_312 of Marcus." Next came Severus, a man of excessively har
Julian:Caes_316 seat which the son of Severus had taken for himself -

  Severus 2   (M. Aurelius Severus Alexander Augustus) - Roman emperor, 222-235 A.D.
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  + Alexander
ChronSynt_96 which was the first year of Alexander, son of Mammaea.
ExcBarb_48A years - cons. 1 Alexander son of Mammaea for 13 years
Festus:Brev.22 pot. [22] Aurelius Alexander, born as if by some destiny
Julian:Caes_313 red enclosure. But Alexander the Syrian sat down somewhere

  Severus 3   (T. Cassius Severus) - Roman rhetorician, early 1st century A.D.
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Hieron:Chron_2048 in Ar.] Cassius Severus, an outstanding orator who jest

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