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  Sestus   - a city on the European shore of the Hellespont
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288/15 Lachares escapes to Lysimacheia after Sestus is captured.
133/10 Menas of Sestus acts as envoy to Straton, the Attalid general in Thra
130/10 The Thracians attack Sestus.
129/31 OGIS_339, a decree of Sestus in honour of Menas.
    Within translations:
AntipThes_9.215   she was sailing to Sestus to meet her bridegroom, and in
Athen_5.209   the strait. & Which between Sestus and Abydos foams.
Just_5.4   nians, were already waiting at Sestus with their fleet dra
Nepos_13.1   he was given Crithote and Sestus.
Polyaen_1.34.2   off many captives from Sestus and Byzantium, was, at the
Polyaen_1.37.1   iscovery, Cleon betrayed Sestus to the Abydenes without
Polyaen_3.7.3   had seized control of Sestus, Lachares concealed himsel
Polyaen_7.21.2   promised to lay siege to Sestus, which was most hostile

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