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  Sestius   (P. Sestius) - Roman praetor, 53 B.C.
64/29 Vatinius and Sestius are elected as quaestors for the following year.
63/77 Sestius uses his army to prevent the new tribunes from fomenting more
62/29 letters from Cicero to C.Antonius, P.Sestius and M.Fadius Gallus.
61/19 Plancius and Sestius serve under Antonius in Macedonia.
58/64 Sestius attempts to win Caesar's support for Cicero's return.
57/4 The tribune P.Sestius attempts to announce adverse auspices, but
57/8 Sestius gathers his own band of armed supporters.
56/12 ive against Vatinius, who is appearing as a witness against Sestius.
56/13 icero's speech in defence of P.Sestius, who is accused of violence
Cicero,- CICERO, Oratio pro P.Sestio
    Within translations:
Schol:Bob_125 OF SESTIUS [125] & P.Sestius was very well-disposed
Schol:Bob_126 seem right and necessary for P.Sestius to have had a band

  Sestius 2   (L. Sestius Quirinalis) - suffect consul, 23 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
42/31 C.Velleius and L.Sestius are associates of Brutus.
    Within translations:
FastCap_p80 ivi f. C.n. XI - resigned , L. Sestius P.f. L.n. Quirinali

  Sestius   - in documents
CIL_1.1385 ands, is the property of Gaius Sestius, son of Gaius.

Sestiussee Capitolinus3

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