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  Semele   - the mother of Dionysus
Wikipedia entry
AnthPal_3.1 conducting his mother Semele to heaven, preceded by Her
Athen_05.200 of the bed-chamber of Semele, in which were seen statue
Athen_08.352 theus, on the subject of Semele in Labour, he said, " But
Athen_13.559 the tragedian, in his Semele (which begins, "O nights")
Athen_14.636 the magadis; for in his Semele he says- & And now I hear
Euseb]:Chron_61 from Dionysus the son of Semele, arrived in the country
THI_115 (230-225)   temple by the precinct [of Semele] . . . and securi
PsCallisth_1.46 son of Zeus and Semele, smitten by the thunderbolt, was

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