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  Scione   - a city in Pallene, northern Greece
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Philoch_129   been better for me to guard Scione, instead of this fat
Plin:HN_4.36   of Dicaea, Palinandrea and Scione, Cape Canastraeum, and the
Polyaen_1.38.4   idas intended to sail to Scione by night, he ordered a tri
Polyaen_7.33.1   azus. Timoxenus of Scione promised to betray Potidaea, whi
Polyaen_7.47.1   occupied the region of Scione, in which they built a cit

  Scione 2   - Athenian courtesan, 5th century B.C.
Athen_13.576 the courtesans were Lamia and Scione and Satyra and Nanni
Athen_13.586 quite young; and so did Scione, and Hippaphesis, and Theo
Athen_13.592 she was still young; and Scione, and Hippaphesis, and Theo

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