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  Satyr   - a half-human creature, companion of the god Dionysus
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  + Satyrs , Satyrus
AnthPal_3.1 ven, preceded by Hermes, Satyrs, and Sileni escorting them
Athen_* 05.197-200 * were followed by Satyrs, twenty in each division of the
Athen_05.210 er, and has the faces of Satyrs and large heads of oxen
Athen_06.267 Omphale, speaking of the Satyr, says - & How rich in slave
Athen_13.591 take the Eros, or the Satyr which is in the street call
Memn_28 rcourse with her, and fathered Satyrus and other sons by
PsCallisth_1.35 in his dreams a Satyr, one of the servants of Dionysus,
PsCallisth_3.17 figures of Pan and the Satyrs, who were musicians, and

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