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  Salamis   - an island off the coast of Attica, Greece
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  + Salaminian , Salaminians
318/29 sander attacks the island of Salamis, but is forced back by Polyperch
304/8 Demetrius captures the island of Salamis.
249/8a Syll_454, a decree of Salamis in honour of Heracleitus.
180/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Onesicritus of Salamis
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_272   & Iacchus and the battle of Salamis. [273] & {271 DF}
Aelian:NA_12.35   and after swimming across to Salamis died. The story is
AnthPal_7.73   Themistocles. And Salamis shall stand thereon, a pillar
AnthPal_7.235   of the patriot by Salamis and the ships, and thereby shal
AnthPal_7.237   usand ships. Carve Salamis too, here where the Magnesian
AnthPal_9.288   the deeds of sea-girt Salamis, which bow before the Mac
AntipThes_16.296   some proclaim fortunate Salamis, and some Thessaly, mothe
Athen_15.696     Of Salaminian Telamon.
Cic:Tusc_1.110   For Neptune shall sooner bury Salamis itself with his waters, than
Crinag_7.741   lus. He fought at Marathon and Salamis. & Othryadas was
Euseb]:Chron_209   B.C.] - Onesicritus of Salamis, stadion race 151st [176
Just_2.7   claims to the island of Salamis, almost to the utter dest
Just_2.12   in the narrow strait of Salamis, that it might not be ove
Nepos_2.2   movable property either to Salamis or Troezen. The citadel
Nepos_2.3   and stationed their fleet at Salamis, over against Athens.
Philoch_116   and after swimming across to Salamis died. The story is
Plin:HN_4.62   is the famous island of Salamis. In front of it is
Plut:Arat_24   Attica, and passing into Salamis, ravaged that island, so
Plut:Arat_34   the Peiraeus, Munychia, Salamis, and Sunium to the Atheni
Plut:Phoc_32   body of mercenaries to Salamis, and of his bribing some
Polyaen_1.20.1   arians for the island of Salamis, enacted a law, that impo
Polyaen_1.20.2   for the possession of Salamis, Solon sailed to Colias,
Polyaen_1.30.1-4 *   the following oracle: & Salamis divine, you will cause
Polyaen_3.11.2   defeated the Persians at Salamis; but the day, on which
Polyaen_4.7.5   ius had taken Aegina and Salamis in Attica, he asked the
Polyaen_4.7.6   ith all speed, as if bound for Salamis. Demetrius of Phale
Polyaen_4.11.1   Cassander was besieging Salamis, he also fought the Athen
Polyaen_8.53.1   in the naval battle at Salamis, found that the Persians
Polyaen_8.53.5   famous battle of Salamis, the king acknowledged her to
Porph:Fr_40   hermopylae and a sea battle at Salamis. Around the same
Simonid_6.214   ontemporary with the battle of Salamis. It as offered as
Simonid_6.215   ea-fight. & * & The battle of Salamis. [6.216] & { P 59
Simonid_7.250   the Corinthians who fell at Salamis. The stone has been
Simonid_7.347   thian admiral at the battle of Salamis. [7.348] & { P 37
Syll_424   (256/5 or 254/3)   pliers: Stratokles of Salamis, the son of Apollod
Syll_454   (c. 252)   ove to assist those Salaminians who came to visit
THI_203   (122/1) [ the deme of the Salaminians ] and received a gold
ValMax_5.3e.3   with the Persian trophies; Salamis and Artemisium beheld the
ValMax_8.14e.1   mind to embellish Artemisium and Salamis with naval glory. The same

  Salamis 2   - a city on the east coast of Cyprus
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  + Salaminian
306/5 Demetrius defeats Menelaus and begins to besiege Salamis.
306/12 Demetrius heavily defeats Ptolemy in a naval battle off Salamis.
204/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Heracleides of Salamis in Cyprus
56/56 feguard a loan given by M.Scaptius to the town of Salamis in Cyprus.
50/4 rest from the inhabitants of Salamis in Cyprus, through his agent M.S
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_5.45   ows in another. In Salamis* if a sow breaks in and graze
Alcaeus_7.5   to a statue of Homer at Salamis in Cyprus, one of the tow
Arrian:Fr_10   of Cyprus, Nicocreon of Salamis and his vassals Pasicrate
Athen_6.255   the flatterers at Salamis are divided into two classes
Athen_12.531   who was the king of Salamis in Cyprus, and who was
Euseb]:Chron_209   B.C.] - Heracleides of Salamis in Cyprus, stadion race
Just_44.3   he built a city called Salamis, from the name of his nat
OGIS_155   (142-131)   ends, in command of Salamis and secretary of the in
OGIS_156   (c. 124)   cated by the city of Salamis, [on account of his vi
Oros_7.12   8 Nevertheless they did destroy Salamis, a city of Cyprus, after
Plin:HN_5.130   Curias, Citium, Corinaeum, Salamis, Amathus, Lapethos, Soloe,
Plin:HN_7.208   the Salaminians the Syracusans Alexander the Great
Plut:Demetr_16   out of the harbour of Salamis, in the heat of the battl
Plut:Demetr_35   prus, except the city of Salamis, in which he had left his
Polyaen_4.7.7   Demetrius sailed against Salamis in Cyprus, which was poss
Polyaen_5.20.1   enecrates attacked Salamis in Cyrpus, his men were twice
Polyaen_8.47.1   ssistance of Euelthon, king of Salamis. The Cyprian was
POxy_1380   in Chios marching ; at Salamis observer ; in Cyprus all-
Theodorid_7.738   and the promontory of Salamis and the rude south wind

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