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  Rhine   - a European river, separating Gaul and Germany
Wikipedia entry
58/28 migrate, but he refuses and fortifies a stretch of the river Rhine.
55/17 etes and Tencteri, cross the Rhine and invade the territory of the
55/26 constructs a bridge over the Rhine, and briefly crosses over to the
53/29 Caesar crosses the Rhine for a second time, but he decides not to att
44/133 Plancus founds a Roman colony at Raurica, on the river Rhine.
    Within translations:
[Longin]:Subl_35   the Nile, the Danube, the Rhine, and far above all, the
Athen_5.206   and pitch from the river Rhine; and he collected great qua
Crinag_7.741   by the streams of the Rhine, half dead from many wounds
Crinag_9.283   nearby sources of the Rhine, you are witnesses of the
Crinag_9.291   many drinks up the whole Rhine, & shall the might of Rome
Crinag_16.61   in war ; Araxes knows it and Rhine, drunk now by enslave
Festus:Brev_6   Alps as far as to the Rhine, battled with barbarians
Hieron:Chron_1961   . [1961] Caesar crossed the Rhine and defeated the Germ
Julian:Caes_320   the Danube once, I crossed the Rhine twice. The German con
Julian:Mis_337   barbarians across the Rhine sing savage songs composed
NicDam_125.1   that live as far as the Rhine and beyond the Ionian Sea
Oros_1.2.60   as its eastern boundaries the Rhine River and Germany; as its
Oros_7.29   back the Germans beyond the Rhine. 16 Elated by these successes,
Oros_7.32   on the bank of the Rhine. 12 In earlier times, when
Oros_7.38   plan was to batter the Rhine frontier and strike against the
Oros_7.40   the Franks, crossed the Rhine, invaded Gaul, and advanced
Ovid:Cons_377   so often - witness the Rhine and Alpine valleys and Isar
Sall:Hist_1.9   Gaul this side of the Rhine, between the Mediterranean
ValMax_5.5.3   passing the Alps and the Rhine, he rode day and night,

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