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  Rhea   - a Greek goddess; wife of Cronus and mother of Zeus
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  + Mother
295/8 Dreams of Stilpon about Poseidon and the Mother of the Gods.
    Within translations:
Alcaeus_6.218   adful death dedicated to Rhea the beast that had taught
AnthPal_6.51   } & To you, my mother Rhea, nurse of Phrygian lions,
AnthPal_6.173   & { H 7 } & Achrylis, Rhea's Phrygian lady-in-waiting,
AnthPal_6.234   long-haired priest of Rhea, the newly gelded, the dance
AnthPal_6.237   -220 The priest of Rhea dedicated to the mountain-Mother
AntipSid_6.219   instrument of Olympian Rhea, he beat it, and it was the
Athen_5.201   flying to the altar of Rhea when he was pursued by Hera,
Athen_10.422   eep in the temple of the Mother of the Gods; but all who
ChronPasc_433   41.3] The image of Rhea, the mother of the gods, was broug
Diod_36.13   priest of the goddess Rhea, came to Rome from Pessinus,
DioscEpigr_9.340   nis at the time when the Mother of the gods first revealed
Julian:Caes_308   er, [308] Hera beside Zeus and Rhea beside Cronus. As for
Lucill_11.69   suddenly not young (nea) but Rhea. & * & The mother of
Meleager_5.165   [5.165] & { G-P 51 } & Mother of all the gods, dear Nigh
Nicand:Al_0   the caverns of Lobrinian Rhea and the place of the secret
Nicand:Al_210   her tray of offerings, Rhea's priestess, appearing in
Philip_6.94   age, dedicates to you, Rhea of the lion-cart, his tambou
Phld:Epigr_7.222   by the holy shrine of Rhea, amid the noise of music and
Plut:Mor_842   into the temple of the Mother of the Gods, and into the
Polyaen_2.1.12   hill, called the Seat of Rhea, which was almost inaccessib
Polyaen_8.53.4   fice at the grove of the Mother of the Gods, which was abo
SEG_48.1330   (c. 128-100)   new-born child of Rhea, Zeus, beneath the ho
SEG_54.1353   (209)   ienos and the shrine of the Mother of the Gods in T
SEG_55.855   (78/77)   his city wall to the Mother of the Gods; in year 22
Simonid_6.217   69 } & The priest of Rhea, when taking shelter from
Syll_1044   (280-240)   ssos, and the Fates and the Mother of the Gods. And
Syll_731.B   (c. 100-50) offered a sacrifice to the Mother of the and to the
THI_90   (311-306)   in the temple of the Mother of the Gods; each of th
THI_203   (122/1) the libation bowl for the Mother of the Gods, and they

  Rhea 2   Silvia - the mother of Romulus and Remus
Wikipedia entry
  + Ilia , Servilia , Sylvia
AnthPal_3.19   and Remus deliver their mother Servilia from the cruelty
Ennius:Ann_31   of Alba; the story of Ilia, the daughter of Aeneas: ATI
Ennius:Ann_32   48] & The dream of Ilia after the death of Aeneas; she giv
Ennius:Ann_55   & Amulius orders Ilia to he thrown into the Tiber : NONI
Ennius:Ann_56   the Anio. [56] & Ilia is married to Tiber : SERVIUS auct
Ennius:Ann_66   . for whose sake Ilia did sink beneath [70] & The trough
Ennius:Ann_70   70] & The trough holding Ilia's twins Romulus and Remus
Ennius:Ann_49-52 *   aughter. [49-50] & Ilia, arraigned for her fault, appeals
Euseb]:Chron_295   Romulus, the son of his niece Rhea. To them we will add
Just_43.2   condemned his daughter Rhea to perpetual virginity, that
Naev:Pun_19   ook the city Troy. Ilia gives birth to Romulus : SERVIUS
Oros_6.1   was unknown? His mother, Rhea, convicted of fornication? His
Ovid:Cons_221   ble threads, that Remus, Ilia's son, and his brother, foun
Polyaen_8.1.1   who had an only daughter Sylvia, from having any posterity
Polyaen_8.2.1   omulus, sons of Mars and Sylvia, formed a design against
PsCallisth_3.17   therein to the goddess Rhea, whom they call Nân&ic

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