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  Quinctius   (D. Quinctius)- a Roman naval commander, 210 B.C.
210/10 Roman fleet, commanded by D.Quinctius, is defeated by the Tarentine

  Quinctius 2   - a Roman officer who supported Carbo against Sulla, 82 B.C.
82/26 M.Lucullus defeats Quinctius at Fidentia.

  Quinctius 3   (C. Quinctius) - the father of P.Quinctius
85/35 C.Quinctius, the father of P.Quinctius, dies while in Gaul with his

  Quinctius 4   (P. Quinctius) - a Roman businessman, defended by Cicero in 81 B.C.
  + Quintius
85/35 C.Quinctius, the father of P.Quinctius, dies while in Gaul with his
83/2 lays claim to the legal possession of the property of P.Quinctius.
83/26 P.Quinctius returns to Rome, in response to a court summons.
81/64 Quinct_, Cicero's first surviving speech, in defence of P.Quinctius.
Cicero,- CICERO, Oratio pro P.Quinctio
    Within translations:
Hieron:Chron_1934 r.] Cicero spoke in defence of Quintius, when he was 26

  Quinctius 5   (L. Quinctius) - tribune of the plebs, 74 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Quintius
74/10 Lucullus opposes the populist measures of the tribune L.Quinctius.
74/25 C.Fidiculanius is accused by Quinctius of accepting bribes during the
68/6 L.Quinctius proposes that the command against Mithridates should
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_223 my narrative) L. Quintius lately made his appearance:
Sall:Hist_3.34 ast year assailed Lucius Quintius; what tempests are now

  Quinctius   - in documents
CIL_1.1002 CIL_1 .1002 Titus Quinctius and Lucius Tu
CIL_1.1547 CIL_1 .1547 Latin Text Gaius Quinctius Protymus.
CIL_1.1632 Text Public services of Gaius Quinctius and Marcus Po
CIL_1.1633 inscription. Gaius Quinctius Valgus son of Gaius, and
CIL_1.1665 CIL_1 .1665 [xv] Quinctius. Let anyone
CIL_1.1722 astern gate. Gaius Quinctius Valgus son of Gaius, and
CIL_1.656 Titus Quinctius, consul in 150 or 123 (or
CIL_1.977 of Marica (?) . . . Decimus Quinctius. CIL_1 .978 L

Quinctiussee Capitolinus

Quinctiussee Cincinnatus

Quinctiussee Claudus

Quinctiussee Crispinus

Quinctiussee Flamininus

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