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  Pytheas   - Athenian orator, 4th century B.C.
307/9a The orator Pytheas admits that he has sometimes behaved badly.
    Within translations:
Athen_2.44 ength of time. And Pytheas says, "But you see the demagogu
DionHal:Din_10 lemen." 5. Against Pytheas, on a charge of illegal citizen
Philoch_64 Against Himeraeus and Against Pytheas. Philochorus in boo
Phylarch_75 sth_27 & Demosthenes and Pytheas argue at an assembly in
Plut:Mor_187 edonians. PYTHEAS. Pytheas, when he was a young man, stood
Plut:Mor_846 to trial by Hypereides, Pytheas, Menesaechmus, Himeraeus,
Plut:Phoc_21 with those who have." Pytheas the orator, when he first

  Pytheas 2   of Thebes - father of the singer Cleon
Athen_1.19 does Cleon of Thebes, Pytheasí tuneful son, & While liv

  Pytheas 3   of Phigaleia - a wealthy Arcadian

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