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  Pyrrhus   I - king of Epirus, 306-272 B.C.
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  + Burrus
319/23 The birth of Pyrrhus, son of Aeacides.
316/2a Pyrrhus is taken as a baby to the court of Glaucias in Illyria.
306/6 Pyrrhus is installed as king of Epirus.
303/8 Pyrrhus praises Polyperchon as a general.
303/16 captures Argos, where he marries Deidameia, the sister of Pyrrhus.
302/8 Pyrrhus is forced to leave Epirus, and goes to join Demetrius.
300/13 Demetrius leaves Pyrrhus in charge of his garrisons in Greece, and
298/8 Demetrius sends Pyrrhus to Ptolemy "as a hostage".
296/1 Pyrrhus marries Antigone, the daughter of Berenice, and returns to
295/19 Pyrrhus marries Lanassa the daughter of Agathocles, and is given Corc
295/26 Pyrrhus kills Neoptolemus, and becomes sole king of Epirus.
294/7 Birth of Pyrrhus' son, Ptolemy.
294/18 Pyrrhus intervenes in Macedonia, to help Alexander against his brothe
292/20 For political reasons, Pyrrhus marries two more wives, the daughter
291/5 Demetrius drives Pyrrhus out of Thessaly.
290/14 Lanassa leaves Pyrrhus, and becomes the wife of Demetrius, who thus
289/4 Pyrrhus defeats Pantauchus, the general of Demetrius.
289/7 Pyrrhus invades Macedonia, but is driven out by Demetrius.
288/1 Ptolemy, Lysimachus, and Pyrrhus form a coalition against Demetriu
288/10b Syll_369, a statue of Pyrrhus at Callipolis in Aetolia.
288/14 us, but returns when he receives news of Pyrrhus' capture of Beroea.
288/17 Demetrius' army deserts to Pyrrhus, and Demetrius loses control of
288/19 The partition of Macedonia between Pyrrhus and Lysimachus.
287/8 Demetrius makes peace with Pyrrhus and the Athenians.
286/18 Pyrrhus attacks Demetrius' garrisons in Thessaly.
285/16 Lysimachus expels Pyrrhus from Macedonia.
284/5 Lysimachus invades Epirus, while Pyrrhus is out of the country.
281/16 Pyrrhus regains control of Corcyra, with help from Tarentum.
281/39 ect them against the Romans; Pyrrhus is encouraged to go by an oracle
281/41 Pyrrhus makes an alliance with Ptolemy Ceraunus and gets help from
280/6 Pyrrhus sends Cineas ahead to Tarentum.
280/7 Pyrrhus sets sail for Italy.
280/8 Pyrrhus arrives in Italy, bringing elephants to back up his army.
280/9 The Samnites join Pyrrhus.
280/10 Pyrrhus offers to negotiate with the Romans.
280/13 Pyrrhus defeats the Romans at the battle of Heracleia.
280/28 Pyrrhus advances on Rome, as far as Anagnia in Latium.
280/29 Pyrrhus retires to Campania.
280/31 Rome as the ambassador of Pyrrhus, and unsuccessfully attempts to
280/32 The senate rejects Pyrrhus' peace terms, after a speech by Ap.Claudiu
280/33 Cineas returns to Pyrrhus, and calls the Roman senate "a parliament
280/34 Fabricius is sent on a mission to Pyrrhus.
280/35 Pyrrhus releases the Roman prisoners.
279/24 Pyrrhus invades Apulia, and is confronted by the Roman army.
279/25 Pyrrhus defeats the Romans at Asculum, but suffers heavy losses.
279/35 Mago visits the camp of Pyrrhus on his way back from Rome.
278/2 Fabricius warns Pyrrhus that Nicias, his doctor, is plotting to kill
278/11 Sicilians send an embassy to Pyrrhus, asking him to help them against
278/19 with the Carthaginians and try to stop Pyrrhus crossing to Sicily.
278/27 Pyrrhus' successes against the Romans during his first stay in Italy.
278/28 Pyrrhus leaves Italy and crosses over to Sicily.
278/29 Pyrrhus arranges peace between Thoenon and his opponents at Syracuse.
278/30 from many Sicilian cities come to Pyrrhus offering their support.
278/31 Pyrrhus is proclaimed king of Sicily.
277/1 Pyrrhus takes control of Acragas and thirty other cities which previo
277/2 Pyrrhus attacks the territory of the Carthaginians in Sicily.
277/12 Pyrrhus captures Eryx.
277/13 rest of the Carthaginian possessions in Sicily go over to Pyrrhus.
277/14 Pyrrhus defeats the Mamertines.
276/2 Negotiations between Pyrrhus and the Carthaginians.
276/3 Pyrrhus prepares to attack Lilybaeum.
276/4 Pyrrhus has Thoenon of Syracuse killed on suspicion of treason, and
276/11 Pyrrhus abandons the siege of Lilybaeum.
276/17 The Italians appeal to Pyrrhus to return to help them.
276/18 Pyrrhus defeats the Carthaginians in a final battle.
276/19 Pyrrhus is generally successful in the war against the Carthaginians.
276/20 Pyrrhus leaves Sicily and returns to Italy; he is attacked and defeat
275/3 Curius enlists an army to fight against Pyrrhus.
275/11 Pyrrhus sacks the town of Locri, together with the temple of Persepho
275/12 Pyrrhus' fleet is caught in a storm after leaving Locri.
275/14 Pyrrhus asks Antigonus for aid to continue the war in Italy.
275/15 Hieron makes an alliance with Pyrrhus.
275/16 Pyrrhus attempts to raise recruits in Samnium.
275/17 The Romans defeat Pyrrhus at the battle of Beneventum.
275/18 Pyrrhus punishes some of the Tarentines for treachery.
275/21 Pyrrhus considers building a causeway over the sea from Apollonia to
275/22 General comments on the war between Rome and Pyrrhus.
275/23 Pyrrhus leaves Italy; the end of the war between Rome and Pyrrhus.
274/1 The triumph of Curius, over Pyrrhus and the Samnites.
274/17 Pyrrhus invades Macedonia.
274/18 Pyrrhus defeats Antigonus and wins over the Macedonian army.
274/21 Pyrrhus captures and sacks Aegae.
274/22 of Tarentines unsuccessfully attacks Milon, the general of Pyrrhus.
273/3 Pyrrhus recalls his son and other officers from Tarentum.
273/4 nus is defeated by Ptolemy the son of Pyrrhus in a second battle.
272/2 Cleonymus asks Pyrrhus to intervene against Sparta.
272/3 Pyrrhus' expedition to the Peloponnese is the starting point of Phyla
272/4 Negotiations between Pyrrhus and Sparta.
272/11 Pyrrhus attacks Sparta, but is repulsed.
272/17 The Spartans attack Pyrrhus while he is withdrawing to Argos and kill
272/19 Pyrrhus makes a dedication to the temple of Athena at Lindus.
272/20 Pyrrhus keeps a pet eagle.
272/21 master's murderers, by barking at them in the presence of Pyrrhus.
272/22 woman's honest answer stops Pyrrhus from pretending that he looks
272/23 Stratagems employed by Pyrrhus.
272/24 Sayings of Pyrrhus.
272/25 Pyrrhus is acknowledged as an outstanding general.
272/26 kingdom of Epirus under Pyrrhus, and Pyrrhus' achievements as king.
272/27 Pyrrhus attacks and enters Argos, but is killed by a tile thrown
Plutarch- PLUTARCH, Pyrrhus

  Pyrrhus 2   II - king of Epirus, middle of 3rd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
234/5 Tigris, the mistress of Pyrrhus II, is murdered by his mother Olympia
232/4a Syll_453, a dedication at Delphi by Nereis, dauther of Pyrrhus II.
    Within translations:
Athen_13.589 adia was the mistress of Pyrrhus king of Epirus, who was
Just_28.1 guardianship of her sons Pyrrhus and Ptolemy, whom she
Just_28.3 room of his deceased brother Pyrrhus. Ptolemy, as
Polyaen_8.52.1 idameia, the daughter of Pyrrhus, attacked and took Ambrac

  Pyrrhus 3   - Athenian archon, 158 B.C.
158/_ Athenian archon: Pyrrhus

  Pyrrhus   - in documents
AnthPal_12.96 feet. But, good Pyrrhus, this boot shall hide your foot
AntipThes_7.637 & { G-P 61 } & Pyrrhus the solitary oarsman, fishing
OGIS_82 (217-208)   rnania, the son of Pyrrhos, when he was sent as
PLond_1941 wrote to me about Pyrrhos, to train him if we know for
RC_48 (197-159)   e written] to Pyrrhos concerning [what has been a
SelPap_1.127 ter about the 6 robes of Pyrrhus and the 2 cloaks of
Syll_470 (240-230)   s of the council were Pyrrhos, Kleuphanes, Klein
Syll_610 (190)   properties of: Pyrrhos of Naupaktos Archelaos of P

Pyrrhussee Neoptolemus3

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