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  Punic   Wars - the wars between Rome and Carthage, 3rd and 2nd centuries B.C.
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264/13 the Carthaginians and Syracusans: the start of the First Punic War.
241/11 Undated events from the First Punic War.
241/13 eral remarks about the First Punic War, which lasted 23 years with
241/14 are agreed between Rome and Carthage: end of the First Punic War.
219/43 Omens presaging the start of the Punic War, including a talking ox.
218/12 the ultimatum of a Roman embassy: the start of the Second Punic War.
202/19 Stratagems employed by Hannibal during the Second Punic War.
202/22 General comments on the Second Punic War.
202/23 the Romans and the Carthaginians; the end of the Second Punic War.
201/23 Naev:Pun, Naevius' epic poem on the Punic War.
149/5 The Romans declare war on Carthage: start of the Third Punic War.
149/22 Greek reactions to Andriscus' revolt and the Punic War.
146/10 eneral comments on the Third Punic War, in which Scipio quickly and
146/11 by fire, and razed to the ground: the end of the Third Punic War.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_57   Metellus, who, in the second Punic war, was joint consul
Cic:Brut_60   anus in the second Punic war [204 B.C.]; at which time als
Cic:Brut_75   heroes. But the Punic war of that antiquated poet [Naev
Cic:Brut_76   bloody war as the first Punic war, when he attempted prof
CIL_1.396   for temples. Before the second Punic War (cf. CIL, I,
CIL_add.7   (early 1st cent.)   diers of the First Punic War (264-241 B.C.) and
Ennius:Ann_231   231-2] & The first Punic War ; Naevius and others have alr
Ennius:Ann_239   between the First and Second Punic Wars. Rome obtains
Ennius:Ann_256   & - & The Second Punic War up to the departure of Scipio
Ennius:Ann_293   because in the Second Punic War, according to Ennius
Ennius:Ann_300   Tuditanus in the Second Punic War, and Marcus Cato was
FastCap_p54   the 35th lustrum. The First Punic War [264] & Ap. Claud
FastCap_p60   missing] & [p60] The Second Punic War [218] & P. Cornel
FastCap_p70   ius L.f. K.n. Balbus The Third Punic War [149] & L. Marciu
Just_28.2   which the terror of the Punic war had closed, should be
Just_30.3   gainst them in the time of the Punic war. To this feeling
Just_33.1   their country than the Punic war, but with more renown,
Just_41.4   revolted, in the first Punic war, when Lucius Manlius
Just_44.2   till after the second Punic war that they learned from
Naev:Pun_1   took part in the first Punic War : GELLIUS : Naevius,
Naev:Pun_2   the first book of The Punic War - After Anchises had
Oros_3.8   of the Roman people. The Punic followed close upon the war
Oros_3.23.60   at this point and the Punic follow directly.
Oros_4.6   [6]   Since the Punic follow at this point, it
Oros_4.11   after the opening of the Punic
Oros_4.16   no other battle of the Punic were the Romans so close
Oros_6.21   conflict equally great since the Punic
Plin:HN_7.85   and states that in the Punic he was in the habit
Sall:Hist_1.10   ts. But the second Punic War put an end to the discord and
ValMax_5.2.6   having been captured in the Punic and enslaved in Greece, were

  Punic 2   Language - the language spoken in Carthage and neighbouring regions
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Punicsee Carthage

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