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  Ptolemais   - a city on the coast of Phoenicia; the modern Acre
Wikipedia entry     ☆ DARE (map)
152/2 Alexander Balas captures Ptolemais.
145/25 Jonathan meets Demetrius at Ptolemais, and wins his support.
143/13 Tryphon lures Jonathan to Ptolemais and captures him.
129/2a SEG_19.904, a dedication at Ptolemais on behalf of Antiochus VII and
103/3 Lathyrus comes to the aid of Ptolemais against Alexander Jannaeus.
70/23 Tigranes captures Ptolemais, but is soon afterwards recalled home by
30/15 Herodes receives Octavianus and his army at Ptolemais.
    Within translations:
1Macc_5   gathered together men of Ptolemais and Tyre and Sidon, and
1Macc_10-13 *   Antiochus, landed and occupied Ptolemais. They welcomed
2Macc_13   monides as governor from Ptolemais to Gerar, 25 and went
3Macc_7   hey had arrived at Ptolemais, called "rose-bearing" becaus
AET_6.13.A   letter on th bwꜢ of Ptolemais. The king went to Damascus.
Aristeas_115   and Gaza, as well as at Ptolemais which was founded by
Aristeas_117   to the people of [117] Ptolemais it issues into another
Athen_8.333   etrius, near the city of Ptolemais, and when Sarpedon, bei
DiogLaert_7.41   For Diogenes of Ptolemais begins with ethics; but Apoll
Joseph:AJ_12.331   that the inhabitants of Ptolemais, and of Tyre and Sidon,
Joseph:AJ_12.334   hem to the very gates of Ptolemais, and slew about three
Joseph:AJ_12.350   against the people of Ptolemais, and Judas himself, and
Joseph:AJ_13.35   up into Syria, and took Ptolemais the soldiers within hav
Joseph:AJ_13.37   that Alexander was in Ptolemais, he took his whole army
Joseph:AJ_13.106   But as Ptolemy was at Ptolemais, he was very near to
Joseph:AJ_13.123   come to him quickly to Ptolemais: [124] upon which Jonat
Joseph:AJ_13.190-192 *   him, and go with him to Ptolemais, for that he would deli
Joseph:AJ_13.203   But Tryphon removed from Ptolemais with a great army, and
Joseph:AJ_13.268   Cleopatra his wife, to Ptolemais; but his wife would not
Joseph:AJ_13.324-333 *   an expedition against Ptolemais; and having overcome
Joseph:AJ_13.336   upon him, and besieged Ptolemais, because it would not
Joseph:AJ_13.347   olemaeus also took Ptolemais by force, as we have declared
Joseph:AJ_13.350   revolted, she came to Ptolemais; and because the people
Joseph:AJ_13.353   the garrison that was in Ptolemais by siege, as well as
Joseph:AJ_13.419   that as he was besieging Ptolemais; [420] for Selene the
Joseph:AJ_13.421   ur. But as soon as Ptolemais was taken, news came to Tigra
Joseph:AJ_13.81-83 *   coming to meet him at Ptolemais, and desired that he
Joseph:AJ_14.333   but the Sidonians and those of Ptolemais received him. How
Joseph:AJ_14.394   sailed out of Italy to Ptolemais, and had got together
Joseph:AJ_14.452   ion, and with these he came to Ptolemais. He also marched
Joseph:AJ_15.199   he entertained him at Ptolemais with all royal magnificence.
Joseph:BJ_1.49   wile, as he was going to Ptolemais to Antiochus, with a
Joseph:BJ_1.116   with his troops about Ptolemais, and besieged Cleopatra
Joseph:BJ_1.249   corus, although those of Ptolemais and Sidon had received
Joseph:BJ_1.290   Italy, and was come to Ptolemais; and as soon as he had
Joseph:BJ_1.394   reviewing his army about Ptolemais, and feasted him with
Joseph:BJ_1.422   polis, and Damascus, and Ptolemais; he built a wall about
Obseq_65a   this was heard also at Ptolemais ; and that at Pergamum
Phld:Sto_78   . . and Apollonius of Ptolemais, our friend, who was a
POxy_1380   at Sidon Astarte ; at Ptolemais understanding ; at Susa
PSI_406   Ammonites and they sold her in Ptolemais. This is the four
PSI_495   well. & Zoilos the . . . in Ptolemais came to us . .
SEG_33.644   (c. 100-80) towards them; and the Ptolemaians, sacred and inviolate and
ValMax_1.6.12   was heard at Antioch and Ptolemais, that the soldiers ran to

  Ptolemais 2   Theron - an Egyptian city on the coast of the Red Sea
Wikipedia entry
269/5 the cities of Philotera and Ptolemais in the country of the Troglody
    Within translations:
Plin:HN_6.171   is 602 miles from Ptolemais. The phenomenon is extremely
Plin:HN_6.173   is two days' sail from Ptolemais; they bring into it a
Plin:HN_6.220   the island of MeroŽ and Ptolemais, built on the Red Sea
THI_85   (late 3rd century)   ght us to the port of Ptolemais, steering us with y
THI_258   (c. 264)   a great city { Ptolemais Thērōn } to the

  Ptolemais 3   Hermeiou - a city in Upper Egypt
Wikipedia entry     ☆ DARE (map)
46/31a privileges granted by Cleopatra to a temple of Isis at Ptolemais.
    Within translations:
AET_6.3.A   established in Rakoti [ and Psoi ] which is in the
AET_6.3.C   are established in Rakoti and Psoi, which is in the province
AET_6.3.D   are established in Rakoti and Psoi, which is in the province
AET_6.4.C   established in Alexandria and Ptolemais in the province of
AET_7.10.A   Ptolemy Soter who is in Psoi in the nome of Thebes,
AET_7.12   established in Alexandria and Ptolemais, which is in the
AET_7.12.B   established in Alexandria and Ptolemais, which is in the
OGIS_49   (c. 246-222)   a citizen of the city of Ptolemais. He and his d
OGIS_50   (c. 269-246)   l towards the city of Ptolemais and the artists of
Plin:HN_5.61   the river. [61] Then Ptolemais and Panopolis and another
SEG_46.2120   (257)   of Epeiph; Rhodon of Ptolemais, son of Lysimachos,
THI_6   (46)   bsp; Theon to the city of Ptolemais, greetings. Sub

  Ptolemais 4   - a city in Aetolia, Greece
Syll_545 (206/5)   Kallipolis, Nikarchos of Ptolemais, Leon of . . .,

  Ptolemais 5   - a tribe of citizens in Alexandria
Vit:ApRhod_1 lexandria, and belonged to the Ptolemais tribe. He was the

  Ptolemais 6   - daughter of Ptolemy I; wife of Demetrius
Plut:Demetr_32 agreed that he should marry Ptolemais, the daughter of
Plut:Demetr_46 having brought with her Ptolemais, a daughter she had by
Plut:Demetr_53 woman; the other was by Ptolemais, and came to be king

  Ptolemais 7   Drymou - a village in the Faiyum, Egypt
SelPap_2.404 drachmae of silver coin, at Ptolemais Drumi like

  Ptolemais 8   Hormou - a village in the Faiyum, Egypt
SelPap_1.104   (1st Cent.)   them to transport it as far as Ptolemais. The stoli
SelPap_1.72A   (226) of the Arsinoite nome at Ptolemais which is at the harbour,

  Ptolemais 9   Nea - a village in the Faiyum, Egypt
SelPap_2.236 called Petsenosis, at Ptolemais 5 out of 7 arura
SelPap_2.342 Cornelius owning land at Ptolemais Nea, having prop

Ptolemaissee Crocodilopolis

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