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  Prusias   I - king of Bithynia, 228-182 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
220/34 Prusias seizes the Asiatic territories of Byzantium.
216/30 Prusias defeats the Gauls near Arisba.
190/16 Prusias refuses to enter an alliance with Antiochus.
186/12 Hannibal is allowed by Prusias to settle in Bithynia.
186/13 The outbreak of war between Eumenes and Prusias.
183/25 Prusias I captures Cierus and Tius, and attacks Heracleia.
183/30 Prusias and Eumenes agree peace terms.
182/2 Death of Prusias I, king of Bithynia.
    Within translations:
Arrian:Fr_29 icomedeia, the father of Prusias who had a single bone ins
Hieron:Chron_1831 Ar.] Hannibal fled to Prusias, the king of Bithynia,
Just_32.4 broke out between king Prusias, to whom Hannibal had fle
Memn_19 art of the 15th book how Prusias, the vigorous and very
OGIS_341 (181-149)   sias, the son of king Prousias, shall be recognise
Syll_632 (c. 182)   Prousias son of king Prousias on account of his vi
THI_116 (184)   and fighting against Prousias and Ortiagon and the

  Prusias 2   II - king of Bithynia, 182-149 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
182/11b Syll_632, a decree of the Aetolians honouring Prusias.
168/53 Prusias of Bithynia calls himself a freedman of Rome.
167/34 Prusias visits Rome, and congratulates the senate on the victory
164/1 Embassies from Prusias, Rhodes, and the Achaeans appear before the
163/4 to defend his brother Eumenes against the accusations of Prusias.
159/1 Attalus defends Eumenes against the accusations of Prusias.
156/7 Prusias attacks and defeats Attalus.
155/1 ends legates to investigate the dispute between Prusias and Attalus.
155/7 Prusias advances as far as Pergamon.
155/16 The fleet of Prusias is destroyed in a storm.
155/17 The Romans send out decemviri to restrain Prusias.
154/1 Prusias refuses to obey the Roman decemviri.
154/6 Peace between Attalus and Prusias.
149/3 Prusias plots against Nicomedes.
149/26 style of cup is named after Prusias.
149/27 character and appearance of Prusias, who was born with a deformed
149/28 Prusias, king of Bithynia, is killed at Nicomedeia.
    Within translations:
Athen_11.496 derived its name from Prusias king of Bithynia, who was
Just_34.4 out the same time, Prusias, king of Bithynia, conceived
OGIS_327 (c. 154)   her with him against Prousias and besieged him in N
OGIS_341 (181-149)   Archetas: king Prousias, the son of king Prousias,
OGIS_345 (95/4)   ue of his grandfather Prousias; and their envoy [B
Syll_632 (c. 182)   olians honours king Prousias son of king Prousia

  Prusias 3   - a city in Bithynia by the river Hypius, formerly called Cierus
Wikipedia entry     ☆ DARE (map)
  + Prusias-Cierus
72/24 led by Triarius captures Apameia, Prusa, Prusias-Cierus, and Nicaea.
    Within translations:
Memn_28 took his army to the city of Prusias by the sea. In anci
Memn_32 acleia, but first he led it to Prusias. Prusias had previo
OGIS_341 (181-149)   aios: Dintiporis of Prousias, the son of .skipra

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