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  Proteus   - a sea-god on the coast of Egypt, famous for changing shape
Wikipedia entry
Aelian:NA_9.50   haros and of the sea-god Proteus and of the prophecy which
AnthPal_7.78   buried on this fringe of Proteus' shore, & beloved even
Athen_6.258   be the very same person with Proteus himself. Accordingl
Athen_8.352   he learnt, or from what Proteus or Nereus who came up fro
ChronPasc_425   men on Pharos, the island of Proteus, in 72 separate dwe
ChronPasc_472   eat on the so-called island of Proteus. Because the island
Malal_218   the so-called island of Proteus, which is about two miles
Philip_11.347   run, and whose son was Proteus and who Pygmalion ? Let
Polyaen_1.Preface   the fabulous account of Proteus [ Od_4'455-458 ], his tra
PsCallisth_1.32   tives said: "Pharos, and Proteus dwelt there, where the
PsCallisth_1.30-33 *   city above the island of Proteus, & Where once Aion Pluton
SelPap_3.104   (a) Lord Proteus : the saviour of Hellenes,

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