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  Poppaedius   (Q. Poppaedius Silo) - leader of the Marsi in their revolt against the Romans
Wikipedia entry
  + Pompaedius
91/5 The Marsic leader Q.Poppaedius is a guest at the home of Drusus.
91/24 Poppaedius attempts to lead 10,000 supporters into Rome, but is persu
90/17 Caepio is defeated and killed by Poppaedius.
90/30 C.Marius and the Marsi under Poppaedius; Marius refuses to be drawn
88/2 ians abandon Corfinium, and make Poppaedius their supreme commander.
88/5 "Triumph" of Poppaedius after the recapture of Bovianum.
88/11 Q.Metellus defeats and kills Poppaedius in Apulia; the end of the Soc
    Within translations:
Diod_37.2   this time Quintus Pompaedius Silo, a Marsian, (a person
Diod_37.13   danger. [13] & Pompaedius, general of the Marsi, attem
Diod_37.15   ront of the enemy. Pompaedius, who had been invested with
Obseq_56   Poppedius Silo in triumph rode into
Oros_5.18   killed the Italian generals Popaedius and Obsidius in a
Plut:Mor_202   fit opportunity; when Poppaedius Silon called to him,
ValMax_3.1.2   boy was asked by Q. Poppaedius, the leader of the Latins,

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