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  Pompeia   - wife of Julius Caesar, divorced in 61 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
67/42 C.Caesar marries Pompeia, after the death of Cornelia.
    Within translations:
Plut:Mor_206 divorced his wife Pompeia, because she was reported to
Schol:Bob_85 was accused, with Pompeia the wife of C.Caesar, of commit
Schol:Bob_91 lave girls, who attended Pompeia, the wife of Caesar, were

  Pompeia   - in documents
AntipThes_7.185 by these sands. Pompeia who reared me wept for me as
CIL_1.1219 stumia. CIL_1 .1219 Latin Text Pompeia. At Rome. Ta

Pompeiasee Curia2

Pompeiasee Lex40   (law of 70 B.C.)

Pompeiasee Lex67   (law of 63 B.C.)

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