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  Pleiades   - a cluster of bright stars
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  + Pleiads
Aelian:NA_5.12 from the time when the Pleiads have set* until the spr
AnthPal_7.534 the very setting of the Pleiads, & with the Pleiads you
AntipSid_7.748 reach near to the seven Pleiads, inflexible, unshakable,
AntipThes_11.31 not the setting of the Pleiads, ** nor the waves of the
Asclepiad_5.189 ather, and night sets when the Pleiads are half-way up the
Joseph:AJ_13.237 ich fell at the setting of the Pleiades. [238] However,
Mnasalcas_12.138 fear the setting of the Pleiads in the west, & that you

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