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  Pisaurum   - a Roman colony in Picenum, Italy
Wikipedia entry     ☆ DARE (map)
184/12 Roman colonies are founded at Potentia and Pisaurum.
81/67 boundary stones between Pisaurum and Fundanum by M.Varro Lucullu
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_271   and T. Accius, of Pisaurum, to whom I replied in behalf
CIL_1.2659   ars found with others at Pisaurum, three of them dedic
CIL_1.378   gift, bestowed by matrons of Pisaurum. CIL_1 .379 L
Hieron:Chron_1878   Accian estate near Pisaurum is named after him, because
Obseq_14   thundered frequently. At night at Pisaurum an image of the sun
Obseq_48   down to the sea. At Pisaurum a roaring was heard from

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