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  Phylarchus   - Greek historian, 3rd century B.C.
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272/3 ion to the Peloponnese is the starting point of Phylarchus' history.
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Aelian:NA_6.29   requently. [29] & Phylarchus records how a youth who was
Aelian:NA_17.5   agonies. [5] & Phylarchus in his twelfth book gives
Athen_1.18   acy in such matters; and Phylarchus confirms him [ Fr_35
Athen_2.43   it himself. And Phylarchus states [ Fr_63 ] that at Cle
Athen_2.44   in the cup. [21.] Phylarchus says [ Fr_64 ] that Theodoru
Athen_2.58   you," said Athenaeus; " Phylarchus the Athenian, (though
Athen_3.73   * [3.] [73] But Phylarchus says [ Fr_65 ] , that though
Athen_3.81   ία. And Phylarchus, in the sixth book of his
Athen_4.141   us. At all events, Phylarchus, in the (?) twenty-fifth boo
Athen_4.150   ong the Galatians," says Phylarchus in his sixth book [
Athen_6.249   om:Od_11'122 ] But Phylarchus, in the twenty-first book
Athen_6.251   onus the king. But Phylarchus, in the sixth book of his
Athen_6.254   tory. [66.] &# But Phylarchus says [ Fr_29 ], that those
Athen_6.261   very fond of mirth, as Phylarchus relates in the tenth
Athen_6.271   Leleges as slaves." But Phylarchus, in the sixth book of
Athen_8.333   edly for three days; and Phylarchus, in his fourth book
Athen_8.334   But Patroclus (as Phylarchus tells us, in the third book
Athen_9.401   rus, who is mentioned by Phylarchus, in the fourth book
Athen_10.412   olian relates. But Phylarchus, in the third book of his
Athen_10.438   his house.  And Phylarchus, in the sixth book of his
Athen_10.442   travelling. And Phylarchus, in his sixth book [ Fr_7
Athen_11.462   Cadmus and Harmonia, as Phylarchus records in the twenty-second
Athen_12.521   ervant following them,)- Phylarchus, I say, states, that
Athen_12.526   But the Colophonians (as Phylarchus says [ Fr_66 ]), who
Athen_12.528   the Romans." [37.] And Phylarchus, in the eleventh book
Athen_12.536   take up his body." And Phylarchus, in the tenth book of
Athen_12.539   aimed in his place." And Phylarchus, in the twenty-third
Athen_13.593   own down a precipice, as Phylarchus relates in his twelfth
Athen_13.606   itude. Accordingly Phylarchus, in his twelfth book [ Fr_26
Athen_13.609   women in Asia. And Phylarchus, in his nineteenth book [
Athen_13.610   your frequent mention of Phylarchus, that in the cities
Athen_14.614   could make him laugh, as Phylarchus tells us in the sixth
Athen_14.639   inment; on which account Phylarchus says - & Among the
Athen_15.673   that was new, was that Phylarchus in the seventh book of
Athen_15.693   sacrifice to the Sun, as Phylarchus tells us in the twelfth
Phylarch_22   wearing an upright tiara, as Phylarchus says in his tent
Phylarch_27   IANUS (Aelian:NA_17.5) & Phylarchus relates the following
Phylarch_28   & Let us credit Phylarchus with a marvellous tale about
Phylarch_33   OANNES LYDUS & According Phylarchus in book 17, and Menand
Phylarch_35   APOLLONIUS, Mirabilia & Phylarchus, in book 20 of his His
Phylarch_38   lled Paralus . . . Phylarchus mentions the hero called Par
Phylarch_47   battle against the Giants, as Phylarchus says in his Agra
Phylarch_49   H. Rackham] & &# Phylarchus records that when Antiochus
Phylarch_57   barbarian weapon, according to Phylarchus. [58] & Polyb_2.
Phylarch_61   IANUS (Aelian:NA_6.29) & Phylarchus mentions that a boy,
Phylarch_62   quotes from Aristotle, Phylarchus, and Polemon to show
Phylarch_68   after Io . . . but Phylarchus [says that it was given its
Phylarch_72   8.41 ] . . . but Phylarchus [(?) says that there are]
Phylarch_73   word, because it was used by Phylarchus [fragment 50].
Phylarch_81   SCHOLIAST on PINDARUS & Phylarchus says that Thetis went
Phylarch_82   SCHOLIAST on SOPHOCLES & Phylarchus says that there are
Phylarch_T1   century A.D.) says that "Phylarchus, of Athens or
Phylarch_15-18 *   daughter of Atlas. Phylarchus, in his seventh book, calls
Plin:HN_7.17   are called the Bitiae, and Phylarchus also the Thibii tribe and
Plut:Agis_9   onsulted her. But Phylarchus says that she was no other
Plut:Arat_38   ffered by them. 12 Phylarchus gives the same account ; but
Plut:Cleom_5   consent of Cleomenes, as Phylarchus thinks, or whether his
Plut:Cleom_28   their phalanx. Phylarchus, indeed, assures us, it was
Plut:Cleom_30   die more glorious. Phylarchus tells us (and it is not at

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