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  Philopoemen   - Achaean general, early 2nd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
223/12 The early life and education of Philopoemen.
209/7 Philopoemen reorganizes the Achaean cavalry.
208/_ Achaean General: Philopoemen
208/3 Philopoemen is elected general of the Achaean League for the first
207/16 Philopoemen stages a military display at the Nemean Games.
206/_ Achaean General: Philopoemen (II)
204/_ Achaean General: (?) Philopoemen (III)
204/22 alleged plot by Philippus to murder Philopoemen.
201/_ Achaean General: Philopoemen (IV)
200/10 Philopoemen leads an expedition against Nabis.
200/21 Cycliadas succeeds Philopoemen as general of the Achaean League.
198/10 Philopoemen goes to Crete for a second time, to fight for the people
193/_ Achaean General: Philopoemen (V)
192/2 Philopoemen invades Laconia and defeats Nabis.
192/4 of Megalopolis serves under Philopoemen in the fighting against Nabi
191/_ Achaean General: Philopoemen (VI)
191/23 and restore the Spartan exiles, but Philopoemen refuses to allow it.
189/_ Achaean General: Philopoemen (VII)
188/3 Philopoemen captures Sparta.
183/_ Achaean General: Philopoemen (VIII), Lycortas (II)
183/6 dispute between Philopoemen and the Achaean general Archon.
182/4 Philopoemen is captured by the Messenians.
182/5 Stratagems of Philopoemen.
182/6 saying of Flamininus, mocking the appearance of Philopoemen.
182/7 comments on the character of Philopoemen, his bold military leadershi
182/8 Philopoemen is put to death by the Messenians.
182/9 Syll_624, a decree of Megalopolis in honour of Philopoemen.
182/9b Syll_625, a statue of Philopoemen at Delphi.
Plutarch- PLUTARCH, Philopoemen
    Within translations:
AnthPal_16.26a   Anonymous & { - } & On Philopoemen His valour and his
Just_29.4   oreover, for the life of Philopoemen, strategus of the Ach
Just_31.3   in it their strategus Philopoemen, a man of extraordina
Just_32.1   In this struggle Philopoemen, the famous general of the
Just_32.4   then in the world, Hannibal, Philopoemen, and Scipio Afr
Oros_4.20   Romans demanded his surrender. Philopoemen, the king of the
Plut:Arat_24   were great admirers of Philopoemen, and called him the
Plut:Cleom_24   and humane a proposal, Philopoemen would not suffer the
Plut:Mor_197   their weapons. & Philopoemen, general of the Achaeans,
Polyaen_6.4.1-3 *   against the molten lead. [4] Philopoemen. Philopoemen
SelPap_3.107   foes, beneath unconquered Philopoemen and the Achaean
Syll_600   (201/0)   n Philopoimen was general of the
THI_157   (c. 160-130) of the blood of well-armed Philopoimen.

  Philopoemen 2   - a minister of Attalus II, king of Pergamon
138/16 indolent, and hands over the control of his kingdom to Philopoemen.

  Philopoemen   - in documents
Syll_322 ukrates son of Pamphilos Philopoimen son of Andronikos

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