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  Philetas   - a Greek poet, early 3rd century B.C.
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  + Philitas
285/20 Philetas of Cos and Straton of Lampsacus act as tutors of Ptolemy
272/7 heocritus becomes a pupil of Philetas, probably while staying in Cos.
270/21 Philetas is so thin that he has to wear weights on his shoes to stop
270/22 The death of Philetas of Cos.
    Within translations:
AnthPal_11.218   truly knew the works of Philitas; for he was indeed a fol
Athen_2.43   and clouds the mind; and Philetas borrows not only the tho
Athen_9.401   ies of yours, (just like Philetas of Cos, who was always
Athen_11.467   to the foot basin, as Philitas says in Irregular Words
Athen_11.495   the drinking-cup a pella. And Philitas, in his Irregular Words says
Athen_11.496   silver pitchers prochytai   Philitas in Irregular says it
Athen_11.498   Aeolians offer libations, according to Philitas in Irregular Words
Athen_11.783   is a wooden cup which Philitas says is used by rustics,
Athen_12.552   Cinesias. [77.] &# Philetas also, the Coan poet, was a ver
Athen_13.598   eath the plane-tree; he, Philitas, sang his love for the
Athen_14.645   is served up with honey, as Philetas tells us in his
Athen_14.646   also of amorai. Philetas, in his Miscellanies, says tha
Athen_15.677   "The Isthmian garland." And Philetas says, " Isthmian garland:
Athen_15.678   Alcaeus and Anacreon. But Philetas, in his Miscellanies says,
Vit:Arat_2   Alexander of Aetolia and Philetas; and also of Dionysius
Vit:Arat_4   lia, Callimachus, Menander and Philetas. 20 Aratus had thr
Vit:Theoc_1   tus was a pupil of Philetas and Asclepiades, both of whom
Vit:Theoc_2   tus was a pupil of Philetas and Asclepiades, both of whom

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