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  Phileas   of Tauromenium - an engineer
Athen_5.208 a swineherd. And Phileas, an engineer of Tauromenium,

  Phileas   - in documents
AnthPal_7.727 THEAETETUS & { H 3 } & Phileas seemed inferior to none
PCairZen_59344 living used to belong to Phileas who was formerly scribe
SelPap_2.263 anied by your husband Aurelius Phileas son of Apollon
Syll_329 (c. 306/5)   ple, as proposed by Phileas of Pallene, the son of
Syll_347 (303/2)   Lamptrai, the son of Phileas, and the other presid
Syll_400 (273/2)   s son of Kal... Phileas son of Philombrotos Lysiph
Syll_466 (251/0)   radiotai, the son of Phileas: concerning the re
Syll_530 (3rd-2nd century)   of Dromas When Phileas was leader of the council, .
Syll_585 (197-175)   Tarentum, the son of Phileas When the archon was K

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