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  Pherecles   - king of Athens, 9th century B.C.
Euseb]:Chron_187 was in his prime. Pherecles, the son of Diognetus, for

  Pherecles 2   - a rival of Mimnermus, 7th century B.C.
Athen_13.598 ius, the ever cruel, and Pherecles, too, his foe, whom he

  Pherecles 3   - Athenian archon, 304 B.C.
304/_ Athenian archon: Pherecles
    Within translations:
DionHal:Din_9 ere: Coroebus Euxenippus Pherecles Leostratus Nicocles Cle
Philoch_167 Coroebus, Euxenippus, Pherecles, Leostratus, Nicocles,
Syll_335 (304/3)   n Pherekles was archon, in the seve
Syll_336 (304/3)   ch were enacted when Pherekles was archon, were set

  Pherecles 4   - Macedonian satrap of Parthia, 3rd century B.C.
Arrian:Fr_30 five accomplices, slew Pherecles, who had been appointed

  Pherecles   - in documents
Syll_322 ataios son of Hekatokles Pherekles son of Prexianax Di
THI_140 (3rd cent.)   ykles, Prokritos son of Pherekles and Klearchos son

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