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  Perperna   (M. Perperna) - Roman consul, 130 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
130/_ Consuls: L. Cornelius Lentulus , M. Perperna M.f.
130/2 Perperna rushes to Asia.
130/3 Perperna defeats Aristonicus.
130/4 Perperna captures Stratoniceia: end of the war against Aristonicus.
130/12 Death of Perperna at Pergamon.
    Within translations:
CIL_6.1283   road-laying; consul with M. Perperna. CIL_6.1304
FastCap_p72   - elected in his place , M. Perperna M.f. . . [ Years
Just_36.4   life. The consul Perperna being sent in his place, reduc
Oros_5.10   the Roman army, the consul Perperna, who had succeeded Crassus 130
THI_175.A   checking-clerk; [then], when Marcus Perperna son of Marcus, who
ValMax_3.4.5   [4.5]   M. Perperna was no small disgrace to

  Perperna 2   (M. Perperna) - Roman consul, 92 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
148/30 The birth of M.Perperna, later consul and censor.
92/_ Consuls: C. Claudius Ap.f. Pulcher, M. Perperna M.f.
86/51 The censors Philippus and Perperna review the senate.
49/26 The death of M.Perperna, at the age of 98 years.
    Within translations:
Cic:DeOr_2.262   spoke for Aculeo before Marcus Perperna as judge, and Lucius Aelius
FastCap_p74   audius Ap.f. C.n. Pulcher , M. Perperna M.f. M.n. censors:
Nepos:Cat_1   the censorship - as Marcus Perpenna, the ex-censor, was fond of
Plin:HN_7.156   for 63 years. Marcus Perperna and recently Lucius Volusius
ValMax_8.13.4   shall I say of M. Perpenna ? He outlived all those

  Perperna 3   (M. Perperna Vento) - Roman praetor, 82 B.C.
  + Perpenna
82/43 M.Perperna organises resistance in Sicily, but leaves when he hears
77/28 Perperna takes the remainder of Lepidus' army to Spain, to fight alon
76/2 Perperna's soldiers insist on joining together with Sertorius' army.
75/9 Pompeius defeats Perperna and Herennius by the river Turia, near Vale
74/18 Perperna goes to Callaecia, where he captures the town of Cale.
72/19 Perperna establishes himself as leader of the remaining rebels in Spa
72/32 Pompeius defeats and kills Perperna; he destroys the privates papers
72/40 Pompeius treats the survivors of Perperna's army humanely.
    Within translations:
Diod_38.14   soldiers. Marcus Perpenna, the governor of Sicily, alone
Diod_38.22a   uential of his officers, Perpenna and Tarquitius, conferre
Exsuper_42   partner and accomplice Perperna, in order to avoid punis
Exsuper_56   rwards Pompeius defeated Perperna and destroyed the cities
Oros_5.22   the struggles against Sertorius, Perperna, Crixus, and Spartacus, by
Oros_5.23   Hirtuleius were killed, and Perperna, who had joined Sertorius,
Oros_5.24   in Cossura and Sicily, Perperna in Liguria, and later
Sall:Hist_3.79   ch], in between Tarquitius and Perperna, who was the host.
ValMax_6.2.8   a man of praetorian rank, Perpenna, cursing your cruelty; and all

  Perperna 4   (C. Perperna) - Roman praetor, (?) 91 B.C.
90/10 C.Perperna is stripped of his command after being defeated by P.Prese

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