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  Pera   (D. Junius Brutus? Pera) - Roman consul, 266 B.C.
  + Junius
266/_ Consuls: D. Junius D.f. Pera, N. Fabius C.f. Pictor
266/4 The triumph of D.Junius, over the Sassinates.
265/2a The second triumph of D.Junius, over the Sallentini and Messapii.
264/19 D.Junius Brutus holds the first gladiatorial show at Rome.
253/16 D.Junius resigns as censor, after the death of his colleague L.Postum
    Within translations:
FastCap_p54 [266] & D. Junius D.f. D.n. Pera , N. Fabius C.f. M.n.
FastCap_p56 censors: D. Junius D.f. D.n. Pera - resigned , L. Postum
FastTr_p99 Junius D.f. D.n. Pera, consul, & over the Sassinates,

  Pera 2   (M. Junius Pera) - Roman consul, 230 B.C.
  + Junius
230/_ Consuls: M. Aemilius L.f. Barbula, M. Junius D.f. Pera
216/27 M.Junius Pera is elected dictator, and enlists all available men into
216/43 Hannibal defeats the dictator Junius.
215/4 The previous dictator, M.Junius, holds elections for new consuls.
    Within translations:
Cassiod:Chr_524   [524] &   M. Aemilius and M. Junius. & In the year of
FastCap_p58   Barbula , M. Junius D.f. D.n. Pera censors: Q. Fabius Q.f
FastCap_p60   dictator: M. Junius D.f. D.n. Pera , magister equitum:
Oros_4.16   hope of life, chose Decimus Junius dictator. He made a levy
ValMax_7.6.1   the efforts of M. Junius Pera, then managing the affairs of

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