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  Patroclus   - son of Menoetius; comrade of Achilles in the Trojan War
Wikipedia entry
Aelian:NA_1.42   the fact in the story of Patroclus when he compares Menela
Aelian:NA_2.18   and master. Thus Patroclus, son of Menoetius, is taught
Aelian:NA_5.1   Amarynceus, and even of Patroclus, and of Achilles the
Aelian:NA_13.7   with warm water, just as Patroclus fomented the wound of
Aelian:NA_14.25   ebrated tale of the funeral of Patroclus. [26] & There
Athen_11.507   said that the soul of Patroclus 'went down to the house
Athen_13.601   the love of Achilles for Patroclus, and the other, in his
Cic:Tusc_2.38   Patroclus, to thy aid I must
Julian:Mis_351   tive, "doing a favour to Patroclus," ordered me to attend;
Nepos_14.2   to Homer, was slain by Patroclus in the Trojan ** 3
Plinius:Ep_4.11   in the words of Homer, "Patroclus is fallen;"* & for
Vit:Arat_5   irking [ Iliad 4.223 ] & Patroclus the knight [ Iliad 16.2

  Patroclus 2   - a commander of the Egyptian fleet, under Ptolemy II
261/6 Patroclus and the Egyptian fleet do little to help Athens against Ant
261/6a OGIS_44 & 45, decrees of Thera and Itanus in honour of Patroclus.
    Within translations:
Athen_8.334 with them; saying that Patroclus, the general of Ptolema
Athen_14.621 had escaped all danger, Patroclus, the general of Ptolemy
OGIS_45 (266-262)   mbly of Itanos: since Patroklos of Macedonia, the
Phylarch_1 & Athen_8.334'a-b & &# Patroclus, the admiral of Ptolema
THI_69 (c. 260)   and with the general Patroklos and was appointed c

  Patroclus 3   - Jewish envoy, 44 B.C.
Joseph:AJ_14.222 the son of Theodorus, Patroclus, the son of Chaereas,

  Patroclus   - in documents
PCairZen_59130 cheir 23. P.S.} & Patroklos is also bringing you two wild
SEG_44.1108 (158)   e: since Sotas son of Patroklos previously, when he

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