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  Parmenon   of Byzantium - a Greek poet, Hellenistic period
Athen_5.203   oet, who had the name of Parmenon given to him, says - &
Athen_5.221   drunk medicinal poppy as says Parmenon the Byzantian. Hav
Athen_11.500   the people of Methymna, as Parmenon says in his book On

  Parmenon   - in documents
AnthPal_13.18 evel course. And therefore did Parmenon gain golden victor
Athen_4.175 & (A) There should, O Parmenon, be here among as & A
DionHal:Din_12 porting speech for Parmenon concerning a slave, in an acti
THI_90 (311-306)   s Aristomenes son of Parmenon Apollodoros son of He

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