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  Papus   (M. Aemilius Papus) - Roman dictator, 321 B.C.
321/16 Rome and appoint M.Aemilius Papus to be dictator, after Q.Fabius res

  Papus 2   (Q. Aemilius Papus) - Roman consul, 282 B.C.
  + Aemilius
282/_ Consuls: C. Fabricius C.f. Luscinus, Q. Aemilius Cn.f. Papus
281/38 Aemilius leaves Samnium and moves against Tarentum.
280/16 The triumph of Aemilius, over Tarentum and the Samnites and Sallentin
278/_ nsuls: C. Fabricius C.f. Luscinus (II), Q. Aemilius Cn.f. Papus (II)
    Within translations:
FastCap_p52   cinus , Q. Aemilius Cn.f. L.n. Papus [281] & L. Aemilius
Oros_4.1   Roman army under the consul Aemilius 282 B.C. invaded all the
ValMax_4.4.3   C. Fabricius and Q. Aemilius Papus, the principal men of their

  Papus 3   (L. Aemilius Papus) - Roman consul, 225 B.C.
  + Aemilius
225/_ Consuls: L. Aemilius Q.f. Papus, C. Atilius M.f. Regulus
225/10 Aemilius arrives in Etruria and takes command of the Roman army.
225/14 Aemilius invades the territory of the Boii.
224/3 The triumph of Aemilius, over the Gauls.
220/52 The censorship of C.Flaminius and L.Aemilius Papus.
    Within translations:
DioCass_fr.50   ther course. &   Aemilius on conquering the Insubres cel
FastCap_p58   [225] & L. Aemilius Q.f. Cn.n. Papus , C. Atilius M.f. M.n
FastTr_p101   emilius Q.f. Cn.n. Papus, consul, & over the Gauls, 3 non.
Oros_4.13   the consulship of L. Aemilius Catulus and C. Atilius Regulus 225
Plin:HN_3.138   consulship of Lucius Aemilius Papus and Gaius Atilius Regulus
Plin:HN_35.197   Gaius Flaminius and Lucius Aemilius as censors {220 put

  Papus   - in documents
SelPap_1.41 (05)   rax son of Tithoes and Papus son of Andronicus, bot
SelPap_2.314 lave of Ischyrion son of Papus, inhabitants of the met

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