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  Pappus   - a Jewish general, serving under Antigonus, 1st century B.C.
Joseph:AJ_14.457 Samaria, whose name was Pappus, with some forces, being
Joseph:AJ_14.464 he cut off the head of Pappus, for he was already slain,
Joseph:BJ_01.333 mber of his men, he sent Pappus, one of his companions,
Joseph:BJ_01.335 mmediately. As for Pappus and his party, they were not ter
Joseph:BJ_01.342 the next day Herodes had Pappus's head cut off, who was

  Pappus 2   - a Jewish rebel, killed by the Romans in 117 A.D.
MegTaan_12 two Jews, Julianus and Pappus, at Laodicea; but Zeitlin

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AnthPal_9.353 ALEXANDRIA & { F 30 } & Pappus, you have both strictly

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