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  Panathenaea   - a festival at Athens
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  + Athenaea , Panathenaic , Panathenean
278/16 The Athenians celebrate the Panathenaea, with help from Ptolemy
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_9.62   ile of the Romans at the Panathenaea* a medicine-man,
Athen_4.167   being an hipparch at the Panathenaea, erected a seat close
Athen_4.168   uered with horses at the Panathenaea, and when his father
Athen_5.199   water-cans, and sixteen Panathenaic jars, and a hundred
Athen_13.561   just as the Athenians do Athenaea, or festivals of Athena,
Joseph:AJ_14.153   are acting; and in the Panathenean, and Eleusinian, and
OGIS_11   (c. 285)   ney that is given for the Panathenaia, . . . and sh
OGIS_305   (c. 166)   Euergetes, entitled [Panathenaia] and Eumeneia,
OGIS_771   (196/5)   hletic games of the Panathenaia, Eleusinia and Ptol
Plut:Mor_837   before he died, he wrote his Panathenaic oration. He lab
Plut:Mor_841   also about the spacious Panathenaic race-course, and made
Plut:Mor_852   them; and finished the Panathenaic stadium, and the cour
Plut:Phoc_20   kill in the games of the Panathenaea, and his father permi
SEG_28.60   (270/69)   to [celebrate] the Panathenaia for Athena Archege
SEG_53.1373   (late 3rd century)   ary, during the Great Panathenaia, on the sixteenth
Simonid_13.19   foot-race, and at the Panathenaea gained prizes, jars
Syll_1064   (c. 140-110) race for boys in the Panathenaia at Athens
Syll_319   (314/3)   crowns } The great Panathenaia, with a chariot The
Syll_326   (307/6)   d the stadium for the Panathenaia], and the gymna
Syll_355   (c. 300)   e privileged seats at the Panathenaia. They shal
Syll_365   (282/1)   {anthippasia} at the Great Panathenaia . . . Whe
Syll_401   (258-250)   the contests of the Panathenaia, he equipped the
Syll_409   (c. 255/4)   ans, and in the great Panathenaia, during the gymna
Syll_473   (239/8)   management of the Panathenaia, [with a contribu
Syll_596   (soon after 200)   ncillors at the festival of Panathenaia. [With good
Syll_667   (161/0)   gedians, and at the Panathenaia and Eleusinia and
THI_120   (200-159)   golden crown at the [Panathenaia] on account of its
THI_138   (early 2nd cent.)   nios, at the Little Panathenaia; the agonothetes re
THI_203   (122/1) e athletic contests of the Panathenaia and Eleusinia; and that t

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