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  Pallene   - one of the headlands of Chalcidice, northern Greece
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  + Pallenians
Archias_6.195 Athena of Troy Miccus of Pallene suspended the deep-toned
Philoch_50 thians, he advanced into Pallene and Bottiaea, and ravaged
Polyaen_6.7.2 tted them settlements in Pallene, so that they might remai
Polyaen_7.47.1 urney back home from Troy, the Pallenians landed at Phlegr

  Pallene 2   - a deme in Attica
Wikipedia entry
OGIS_342   (110/09) ng Nikomedes, when Dionysios of Pallene, the son of Nikon, w
Plut:Mor_833   ece was clerk; Philostratus of Pallene was president. Andr
Syll_329   (c. 306/5)   posed by Phileas of Pallene, the son of Philonau
Syll_388   (266/5)   rites Kallaischros of Pallene, the son of Diotimos
Syll_496   (228/7)   ynthos . . . of Pallene As proposed by Kephisodoro
Syll_542   (228/7-212/1)   archon: Leochares of Pallene basileus: Philokrate
Syll_657   (155/4)   odoros Menekles of Pallene, the son of Apollonios

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