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  Oxathres   (or Oxyathres) - the brother of Dareius III, king of Persia
Wikipedia entry
  + Oxyathres , Oxydarkes
324/8 xander punishes Abulites and Oxathres for the crimes they committed
    Within translations:
Memn_4 mastris, the daughter of Oxathres; this Oxathres was the
PsCallisth_2.7 Darius spoke. Then Oxyathres, the brother of Darius, spoke
PsCallisth_2.14 ond was the brother of Darius, Oxyathres. Third came Ochus
PsCallisth_2.20 and respect my brother, Oxydarkes, as a true king, so tha

  Oxathres 2   of Heracleia - the son of Clearchus and Amastris
Wikipedia entry
  + Oxathras
305/6 Heracleia, who is succeeded by his sons Oxathras and Clearchus.
287/3 hus captures Heracleia and kills the tyrants Oxathras and Clearchus.
    Within translations:
Memn_4 by Amastris: Clearchus, Oxathres, and a daughter with the
Memn_5 first Clearchus and then Oxathres, making them pay the pen

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