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  Nymphs   - female deities associated with rivers, groves, and other places
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Aelian:Fr_165   river crossing hindered by the Nymphs. [166] & {169 DF}
Aelian:NA_11.13   * at the hands of the Nymph, at the sight of their mast
Alcaeus_7.55   hady grove of Locris the Nymphs washed the body of Hesiod
Alcaeus_16.8   previously, O Satyr, son of a Nymph. For now your wrists
AnthPal_6.43   vow this servant of the Nymphs, the damp songster who lov
AnthPal_6.158   to Pan a goat, roses to the Nymphs, and a thyrsus to
AnthPal_6.317   anaē and the draped Nymphs, but me, Pan, he carved
AnthPal_6.324   them offer these to the Nymphs, but I, bold Ares, accept
AnthPal_7.550   nate ! to whom the Nymphs were more treacherous than the
AnthPal_7.703   villager who feeds the Nymphs' flocks, Thyrsis whose pip
AnthPal_9.142   crags, the leader of the Nymphs, who dwells in this house
AnthPal_9.327   ERMOCREON & { H 2 } & O Nymphs of the water, to whom Herm
AnthPal_9.328   TUS & { H 1 } & O Naiad Nymphs, who shed from the mountai
AnthPal_9.341   & { H 3 } & A. "Nymphs answer me truly, if Daphnis on
AnthPal_9.556   is the Speaker Nereids, Nymphs of the shore, you saw Daph
AnthPal_9.684   I pour forth a bath for the Nymphs and health for morta
AnthPal_9.823   have started the dance, the Nymphs, Hydriads, and Hamad
AnthPal_9.826   playmate of the Nymphs, and instead of purple wine I
AnthPal_11.49   the fourth, mixed with three Nymphs. & Then it is most
Antiphil_7.141   destined fall. The Nymphs tend and encircle with overshado
Antiphil_9.277   ontent with a stream the Nymphs make transparent ? Have
AntipThes_9.417   urst forth. Is it, Nymphs, that you were wrath with Lampo
AntipThes_9.418   has ordered the Nymphs to perform the work of your hand
Anyte_16.291   shock-headed Pan and the Nymphs of the sheepfold did the
Apollonid_9.257   for that is the name the Nymphs bestowed on me above all
Archias_7.696   ger, as of old, shall we Nymphs hear on the Phrygian hills
Aristonous_30   a most religious site, the Nymphs a grotto called Corycian -
Athen_2.38   easons; for they are the Nymphs who cherish the fruit of
Athen_12.519   away to the caves of the Nymphs of the river Lusias, and
Athen_13.564   thus:- & O Galateia, & Nymph with the beauteous face and
Athen_15.672   by the Leleges and the Nymphs. But the Argives hearing of
Athen_15.682     The Nymphs and Graces, and golden Aphrodite
Athen_15.693   mixed; on which account the Nymphs had the name given them
CIL_1.1624   Rantius, son of Lucius, to the Nymphs. → further
Crinag_6.253   G-P 43 } & Caves of the Nymphs with many springs, from
Demetr:Eloc_132   is the gardens of the Nymphs, marriage-lays, love-stori
Demetr:Eloc_163   are the Gardens of the Nymphs, Loves, things not meant
LeonTar_6.154   the reveller, and the Nymphs ; to Pan a newly born kid,
LeonTar_6.334   ves and holy hill of the Nymphs, and springs at the rock's
LeonTar_9.326   and you images of the Nymphs carved by a shepherd's han
LeonTar_9.329   & { G-P 6 } & O water Nymphs, children of Dorus, water
LeonTar_16.307   croria and the . . Nymphs, neighbour Glenis dedicated gift
Lucill_11.194   loves the cave, and the Nymphs that haunt the hills, and
Meleager_9.331   On Wine and Water The Nymphs washed Bacchus when he lea
Meleager_12.128   delight of the Mountain Nymphs, and Hyacinthus was yours
Nicand:Al_100   of Melanthis, where a Nymph revealed to the son of Zeus
Nicand:Al_150   revealed to the Chesiad Nymphs beneath the rush-grown riv
Nicand:Ge_74   hs, speaks of the Ioniad Nymphs and of roses as follows
Nicarch_9.330   the crystalline gifts of the Nymphs to your feet to bath
Philip_6.203   Pity seized the Nymphs who dwelt on the skirts of bello
Plin:HN_3.145   the famous Shrine of the Nymphs, with the neighbouring native tribes
SEG_61.722.D   (111/0) and the Kouretes and the Nymphs and Britomartis and all the
SelPap_3.105   good order to the fountain, Nymphs of spring-waters !
Theodorid_6.156   & To the Amarynthian Nymphs did Charixenus dedicate
Theodorid_6.224   ated me as a plaything for the Nymphs of the grotto. I am
Timoth:Pers_86   ern of Heaven, father of Nymphs and heavy to the arm, and

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