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  Numantia   - a Celtiberian city, in Spain
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  + Numantine , Numantines
153/8 Nobilior is repulsed at Numantia.
143/2 Outbreak of war between Numantia and Rome.
141/3 Pompeius unsuccessfully attacks Numantia.
140/4 Pompeius suffers reverses at Numantia.
139/2 agrees to a treaty with the Numantines, after his army suffers sever
138/21 Popillius is defeated at Numantia.
137/8 completely defeated by the Numantines and forced to make a treaty
136/6 hands over Mancinus to the Numantines, but they do not accept him.
134/15 Scipio defeats the Numantines.
133/3 Scipio encircles Numantia.
133/4 Rhetogenes escapes from Numantia.
133/5 Negotiations between the Numantines and Scipio break down.
133/9 The Numantines make a final sally, but are repulsed.
133/17 The Numantines surrender, after being forced by hunger to resort
133/19 Scipio insults C.Metellus, who is serving under him at Numantia.
133/20 on the long and difficult Numantine War, which was finally brought
133/21 Scipio destroys Numantia; the end of the Numantine War.
132/16 The triumph of Scipio Aemilianus, over the Numantines.
    Within translations:
Cassiod:Chr_619   candidate, on account of the Numantine War. [632] &  
Cic:Brut_103   himself by the treaty of Numantia, was slain by the hands
Cic:DeOr_1.181   given him up to the Numantines, according to a decree of
Cic:DeOr_2.267   reported to have uttered at Numantia when he was angry with
Cic:Rep_1.17   under the very walls of Numantia.
Cic:Rep_3.28   under consideration the treaty with Numantia. Who was not aware that
Cic:Rep_6.11   ; and you shall destroy Numantia. But, after driving in state
Diod_33.16   on. [16] &   The Numantines and Termessians sent ambassa
Diod_33.17   the city of Lagni, the Numantines in their eagerness to
Festus:Brev_5   were, with the destruction of Numantia, subjugated. Nearl
Hieron:Chron_1875   "Pompeius" - Ar.] destroyed Numantia. [1876 in Ar.] Bru
Obseq_24   ship as he headed for Numantia, heard an unexpected voice: "Stay,
Obseq_26   Tiber. A bull spoke. In Numantia things went badly, since the
Obseq_27b   slaves slaughtered the Roman armies. Numantia was destroyed.
Oros_5.4-8 *   the territories of the Numantines and after suffering a
Plin:HN_3.26   four peoples, of whom the Numantines were once famous, as among
Plin:HN_4.112   Pelendones and passing by Numantia then flows through the
Plin:HN_33.141   Indeed after totally destroying Numantia the same Africanus at
Plut:Mor_201   one to Rome. & The Numantines seemed invincible, and havin
ValMax_2.7.1   spirit of the citizens of Numantia, who were grown proud and
ValMax_3.2e.7   For when the affairs of Numantia were in a ruined and
ValMax_4.3.13   the spoils of Carthage and Numantia, if he had not preferred
ValMax_5.3.2   destroyed two cities, Numantia and Carthage, both
ValMax_6.2.3   they soon were mute. The Numantine victory fresh in memory, his
ValMax_7.6e.2   [6e.2]   The Numantines, when Scipio besieged them with
ValMax_8.15.7   cavalry under that general at Numantia, Scipio was asked at dinner,
ValMax_9.12.3   What if the destruction of Numantia or Carthage had been entrusted

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