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  Nico   - "the Goat", an Athenian courtesan
Athen_* 13.582-584 * furiously in love & With Nico, called the Goat, though she

  Nico   - in documents
AnthPal_5.205 Anonymous & { H 35 } & Nico's love-charm, that can compe
AnthPal_6.91 ns, Melantas the helmet, Nico the greaves, Aristomachus
Asclepiad_5.150 10 } & The celebrated Nico promised to come to me for
Asclepiad_5.209 Cythereia, Cleander saw Nico swimming in the blue sea,
Asclepiad_5.164 ess, look how shamefully Nicō's Pythias, ever loving
LeonTar_6.289 hters of Philolaides and Nico, dedicated in this temple,
Philip_9.89 { G-P 41 } & Ancient Nico, fending off distressful fam
Philip_7.187 87] & { G-P 77 } & Aged Nicō garlanded the tomb of

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