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  Nestor   - son of Neleus; king of Pylus at the time of the Trojan war
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[Tib]:PanMes_45 ave had sons as great in Nestor or in Ulysses, high orname
AnthPal_11.72 ous old woman, who makes Nestor no longer the oldest of
AntipThes_5.31 c.}. She is a very Nestor & ; I even think that Zeus came
AntipThes_9.112 men's life. Longer life is for Nestor, and even Nestor wen
Athen_11.493 great effort, but that Nestor alone could do so without
Athen_13.556 men sleep with women, such as Nestor and Phoenix. For the
Cic:Brut_40 speech to Ulysses, and Nestor (one of whom he celebrates
ElegMaec_1.135 urned the King of Pylos, Nestor, hoary after three generat
Lucian:Macr_3 full health. [3] Nestor, you know, the wisest of the Ach
Lucill_11.140 ing infantile games with Nestor and Priam, cast me not lit
Nicarch_7.159 ong mortals by his harp, Nestor by the skill of his sweet-
Plut:Mor_832 ound learning, he was surnamed Nestor. Caecilius, in a tra
PsCallisth_3.26 as a noble commander, a Nestor in counsel, and in battle

  Nestor 2   of Tarsus - a Stoic philosopher, 1st century B.C.
Lucian:Macr_21 year as a hero. Nestor, the Stoic from Tarsus, the tuto

  Nestor 3   - author of a book about the theatre
Athen_10.415 to eat sitting down, as Nestor tells us in his Theatrical

  Nestor 4   - a guard of Alexander, king of Epirus, 3rd century B.C.
Polyaen_08.52.1 nst her life, and bribed Nestor, one of Alexander's guards

  Nestor   - in documents
CIL_1.681 ius Alexander [slave of . . .] Nestor [slave of . . .]

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