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  Nero   (Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus) - Roman emperor, 54-68 A.D.
Wikipedia entry
Suetonius,- SUETONIUS, Nero
    Within translations:
AstrCan_4 801 377 83 40 A.D. (13 Aug.) Nero 14 815 391 97 54 A.D.
ChronSynt_65 - - - - - 6. In the time of Nero, the emperor of the
ChronSynt_67 happened in the time of Nero, the emperor of the Romans,
Euseb]:Chron_215 a second time [At this time] Nero became emperor of the
ExcBarb_48A laudius for 15 years - cons. 5 Nero for 14 years - cons.
Festus:Brev.20 of Indians. [20] Nero, the vilest imperator the Roman
THI_10 tablet; by authority of Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus
Joseph:BJ_01.5 disorder after the death of Nero. And the opportunity
Joseph:BJ_* 01.20-23 * in the twelfth year of Nero, with what happened to Cesti
Julian:Caes_310 ile Silenus was speaking Nero entered, lyre in hand and
Polyaen_08.62.1 of a conspiracy against Nero; and Mela, a brother of Sene

  Nero 2   (C. Claudius Nero) - Roman consul, 207 B.C.
  + Claudius
211/31 C.Claudius, a priest of Jupiter, is forced to resign after setting
210/7 drubal secretly escapes with his army after being trapped by C.Nero.
207/_ Consuls: C. Claudius Ti.f. Nero, M. Livius M.f. Salinator
207/6 battle between Hannibal and Nero at Grumentum.
207/7 Nero hurries north to join forces with Livius.
207/19 The triumph of Livius and Nero for their victory over Hasdrubal.
204/31 ssension between the censors C.Claudius Nero and M.Livius Salinator.
    Within translations:
CIL_6.40945 .3.19 ) C. Claudius Nero C. Claudius [Nero,
FastCap_p62 207] & C. Claudius Ti.f. Ti.n. Nero , M. Livius M.f. M.n.

  Nero 3   (Ti. Claudius Nero) - Roman praetor, 42 B.C.
47/11 Ti.Claudius Nero defeats the Egyptians near Canopus, despite the deat
40/7 Tiberius Nero and his wife Livia escape from Campania to Sicily.
40/10 Tiberius Nero goes from Sicily to Greece, and joins Antonius.

  Nero 5   (Ti. Claudius Nero) - Roman consul, 202 B.C.
  + Claudius
202/_ Consuls: Ti. Claudius P.f. Nero, M. Servilius C.f. Pulex Geminus
202/5 Claudius is allotted Africa as his province.
202/16 Claudius is prevented by a storm from sailing to Africa.
    Within translations:
FastCap_p62 inus , Ti. Claudius P.f. Ti.n. Nero dictator: C. Servilius

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