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  Muses   - Greek goddesses of arts and literature
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[Tib]:PanMes_190 tripped of what is left me, my Muse will not fail to tell
Athen_02.44 a dry skeleton of the Muses, a nightmare to nightingale
Athen_04.163 the Graces, nor even to the Muses. And therefore Virtue
Athen_04.176 played for Glauce & The Muses' sports amid their wine-gla
Athen_06.242 at times a plant to all the Muses dear. And surely this
Athen_08.348 nine statues of the nine Muses, and one of Apollo, and had
Athen_08.350 had received from the Muses all the Greeks as his wages
Athen_11.463 due to mirth, & Praising the Muses and the bright-faced
Athen_12.547 to oversee the rites of the Muses. All which duties app
Athen_13.555 subject, will invoke the Muse Erato to impress anew on our
Athen_13.571 those men & Who of the Muses learnt but ill-shaped lette
Athen_* 13.598-601 * Bacchus reared, and the Muses taught to be the most faith
Athen_15.696 & Shall never die, the Muses' holy train & Shall bear
Callim:Epigr_23 on whom as children the Muses look with no sidelong glanc
Callim:Epigr_47 yclops was no fool ! The Muses, O Philippus, reduce the
Callim:Epigr_49 of Miccus, offered me to the Muses, praying for ease of
Cic:Brut_187 on, to please me and the Muses;- I shall say to my friend
CIL_add.7 (early 1st cent.)   the Romans with the Greek Muses. They had a small
Diog_Laert_07.30 led by the least worthy of the Muses. [31] And we also hav
Diog_Laert_10.12 ear, instructed by the Muses, & Or at the sacred shrine
ElegMaec_1.17 oil. Honouring the Muses and Apollo in luxurious gardens,
Ennius:Ann_1 first line ; invocation of the Muses VARRO : In Ennius the
Ennius:Ann_232 mounted the rough rocks of the Muses . . . nor was anyone
Euseb]:Chron_263 lion's nine books of the Muses from the forty books of Dio
THI_128 (210-205)   at is dedicated [(?) to the Muses]. [It was resolve
Isyll_F said to have given the Muse Erato to Malus as his bride
Julian:Caes_308 doubt instructed by the Muses themselves, every god has
Julian:Caes_309 and introduce Homer's Muse." [310] "Take care", said
Julian:Mis_337 in my power to win from the Muses. Indeed I have observ
Julian:Mis_338 soul - "I sing for the Muses and myself." However the
Julian:Mis_351 ure you, by Zeus and the Muses, that while I was still a
Naev:Pun_1 poem; invocation of the Muses : CAESIUS BASSUS : As is
OGIS_310 (c. 200-150)   sacred to the Heliconian Muses, for all time. &r
OGIS_311 (c. 200-150)   ] to be sacred to the Muses and the college of Phil
Philoch_224 ated these Graces to the Muses, goddesses {to goddesses},
Plut:Phoc_7 war], and laurels of the Muses ; and he knew that the godd
Polyaen_01.20.1 inspired by Ares and the Muses, they advanced to battle,
PsCallisth_1.42 standing near him the Pierian Muses and the wild beasts.
SEG_48.1330 (c. 128-100)   g in the realm of the Muses, she who gave birth to
SEG_54.1569 (late 2nd cent.)   her [Apollo] and the Muses, mixed with noble prude
Syll_457 (c. 250)   ion was priest of the Muses, and Aischylos represe
Syll_466 (251/0)   [A] Muses. In the year of K
Timoth:Pers_202 exalter of a new-made Muse of the lute of gold, come
Vit:Arat_2 gan with a hymn to Zeus: Muses of Pieria, who give praise

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