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  Museium   - an institute for scholarship and literature at Alexandria
Wikipedia entry
Athen_5.203   lected treasures for his Museium, why need speak? for ever
Athen_6.240   embling those who in the Museium of Claudius still practis
Athen_15.677   for the future in the Museum at the public expense; and
OGIS_104   (167-145)   and director of the Mouseion, was dedicated to Apol
Vit:ApRhod_2   the libraries and the Museium; and he was buried next

  Museium 2   - a hill in Athens
287/1 Olympiodorus captures the Museium, and frees Athens from its Macedoni
    Within translations:
Apollod:Fr_44 put a garrison on the Museium; he took control of the
Philoch_224 {already was leader of} the Museium. The inscription
Plut:Demetr_34 put a garrison in the Museium; lest, if there should
SEG_28.60 (270/69)   y, but the fort on the Mouseion was still occupied,
Syll_386 (266/5)   ; and he besieged the Mouseion along with the peo
Syll_387 (266/5)   in the siege [of the Mouseion]; and when the aff

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