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  Milo   (T. Annius Milo) - tribune of the plebs, 57 B.C.
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57/6 T.Milo attempts to prosecute Clodius, but is obstructed by Metel
57/7 Milo organises a band of armed supporters, and engages in street figh
57/43 tacks by Clodius on Cicero and his workmen, and retaliation by Milo.
56/4 ompeius speaks in defence of Milo, who is prosecuted by Clodius for
53/28 Cicero to Curio, supporting Milo as a candidate for the next year's
53/37 rebut Clodius' claim that Milo's debts should debar him from stand
52/3 Clodius is murdered by Milo's followers, near Bovillae.
52/5 attacks the house of the interrex Lepidus, and Milo returns to Rome.
52/6 ibunes Q.Pompeius and C.Sallustius call for the prosecution of Milo.
52/8 Metellus Scipio denounces Milo in the senate.
52/10 C.Claudius, ask for permission to interrogate the slaves of Milo.
52/22 The sons of C.Claudius indict Milo on a charge of violence.
52/25 Milo catches the historian Sallustius in the act of adultery.
52/26 The first day of Milo's trial is disrupted by Clodius' supporters.
52/27 cus urges the people of Rome not to allow Milo to escape unpunished.
52/28 Milo is convicted of the murder of Clodius, despite a speech in his
52/29 Milo is convicted on another charge, of bribery, and also separately
52/30 M.Saufeius, a henchman of Milo, is brought to trial twice, but acquit
48/11 Milo sarcastically remarks that he is grateful that Cicero did not
48/13 Caelius and Milo attempt to start a revolt on behalf of debtors, but
Cicero,- CICERO, Oratio pro T.Milone
    Within translations:
Hieron:Chron_1969   praetor, and T.Annius Milo, an exile, tried to foment
Oros_6.15   revolted from Caesar and joined Milo in exile. Both were killed
Schol:Bob_111   here the slaves of Milo pursued and killed him, not of the
Schol:Bob_112   demonstrations against Milo were taking place, the senat
Schol:Bob_125   his own protection, just as Milo had already done. By
Schol:Bob_169   MILO [169] & { T.Annius Milo, Q.Metellus Scipio } and Hyp
Schol:Bob_170   ation about the debts of Milo." However, there were

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